Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 14.0.22.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-14514] - SIFS results in "Too many records for this key" exception
  • [ISPN-15076] - CacheStream NPE in a tx with entryReduction
  • [ISPN-15117] - Cache local address after connect
  • [ISPN-15191] - Cache startup failures on individual nodes can cause other caches to enter DEGRADED mode on restart
  • [ISPN-15282] - Handle varying numeric precision in SQL store
  • [ISPN-15303] - JGroupsTransport.getMembersPhysicalAddresses() throws an IllegalArgumentException
  • [ISPN-15309] - Hot Rod client should use server key media-type to route request
  • [ISPN-15317] - Unable to query cached records with custom key objects that have null fields
  • [ISPN-15333] - Passivation with OffHeap can hang forever with concurrent write
  • [ISPN-15342] - Custom Keycloak images may not have admin console enabled
  • [ISPN-15349] - NPE from stats with multimap in server mode
  • [ISPN-15351] - Check if MetricsRegistry is enabled before trying to register metrics
  • [ISPN-15362] - SoftIndexFileStoreFileStatsTest#testExpirationCompactionOnLogFile flaky failure
  • [ISPN-15368] - Eliminate repeatedly created ThreadGroups
  • [ISPN-15372] - infinispan-tools artifact is included in BOM but not published to Maven Central
  • [ISPN-15401] - Remove worker-threads section from tuning guide
  • [ISPN-15403] - JGroupsTransport: address generator impl misses method
  • [ISPN-15406] - [DOC] Configure ciphers through enabled-ciphersuites-tls13 and enabled-ciphersuites attributes
  • [ISPN-15409] - Cluster does not start - second node fails with NPE
  • [ISPN-15456] - PreferConsistencyRestartTest.testCrashBeforeRecover random failures


  • [ISPN-15286] - Upgrade OpenTelemetry to 1.31 and remove okhttp in favour or the JDK lib
  • [ISPN-15315] - Enhancements to the Upgrading doc
  • [ISPN-15335] - Mark deprecated methods for removal
  • [ISPN-15424] - Remove inherited versionx properties to facilitate Dependabot

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-15240] - Improve cross-site message handling
  • [ISPN-15363] - Keycloak and Infinispan simple tutorial
  • [ISPN-15373] - Enable insight profile is community release profile is disabled
  • [ISPN-15405] - Add archetype for custom Infinispan module

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