Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 15.0.0.Dev04 - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [ISPN-12989] - Initial state transfer for cross-site replication


  • [ISPN-14985] - CVE-2023-3628 REST bulk ops don't check permissions
  • [ISPN-14986] - CVE-2023-3629 Non-admins should not be able to get cache config via REST API
  • [ISPN-15166] - SIFS rebuild index cannot compact file
  • [ISPN-15172] - SIFS throws exception if told to compact a partially written entry
  • [ISPN-15173] - Exceptional HEAD requests return a non-zero Content-Length header
  • [ISPN-15175] - MANIFEST.MF file missing in infinispan-objectfilter artifact
  • [ISPN-15181] - Deadlock when creating caches with a zero-capacity node and a single stateful node
  • [ISPN-15184] - SIFS can leave many data files left around
  • [ISPN-15186] - SIFS may not shut down properly with compactor still running
  • [ISPN-15188] - SCAN should be able to filter by type
  • [ISPN-15192] - JavaDoc branding
  • [ISPN-15195] - Fix imageArchitecture for mac
  • [ISPN-15196] - SIFS ExpirationCompaction on logFile may not have updated index
  • [ISPN-15197] - Near Cache With Bloom Filter enabled doesn't work properly if jboss-marshalling is used
  • [ISPN-15201] - PreferConsistencyStrategy throws UnsupportedOperationException with zero-capacity nodes
  • [ISPN-15208] - IRAC state transfer may skip data
  • [ISPN-15222] - SFSToSIFSStore migration updates index with wrong segment
  • [ISPN-15229] - CVE-2023-44487 HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack


  • [ISPN-14920] - [Counters] Counters tab display
  • [ISPN-14941] - [Docs] Add content on how to configure LDAP and role mapping
  • [ISPN-15075] - Cluster mode for tx commands
  • [ISPN-15205] - RemoteStoreConfigWithContainersTest test failure
  • [ISPN-15206] - Fix ClusterListenerReplTest#testPrimaryOwnerGoesDownBeforeBackupRaisesEvent random failures
  • [ISPN-15212] - TOUCH

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-14227] - RESP "set" commands
  • [ISPN-14725] - GraalVM feature
  • [ISPN-15069] - CVE-2023-4586 Hot Rod client does not enable hostname validation when using TLS that lead to a MITM attack
  • [ISPN-15199] - REST Expose cache type, encoding and memory type

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