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  • [ISPN-13995] - Add tests for MutinyCache operations
  • [ISPN-14809] - RESP backpressure support
  • [ISPN-14814] - ServerEventLogger blocks when creating a cache

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-12142] - Implement conditional methods for RemoteCache compute
  • [ISPN-14682] - Do not retrieve entries when no encoding in cache.


  • [ISPN-13053] - Unexpected attribute 'names-as-tags'
  • [ISPN-13489] - Exponential back-off does not work with multiple sites
  • [ISPN-13548] - When cache 'memcachedCache' is not declared and the default has expiration. It fails due: has expiration enabled which violates the Memcached protocol
  • [ISPN-13909] - [Schemas] Special symbols handling during Protobuf schema creation
  • [ISPN-14189] - [Query] Wrong numbers are shown after clear/rebuild index action
  • [ISPN-14326] - Update netty to latest to prevent type pollution issues
  • [ISPN-14530] - EncoderCache is missing many delegate methods
  • [ISPN-14590] - infinispan-server-rest: Missing HTTP security headers
  • [ISPN-14718] - Remote getCacheNames should mask secured caches by roles
  • [ISPN-14740] - Do not persist empty metadata
  • [ISPN-14774] - Unable to override tracing.propagation_enabled
  • [ISPN-14795] - Hot Rod client keeps connecting to failed servers when maxRetries = 0
  • [ISPN-14801] - Data Distribution metrics REST API is broken for secured caches
  • [ISPN-14804] - AbstractTranscoder creates an Iterator on every encode and decode
  • [ISPN-14816] - Replacing Protobuf schema does not report validation errors
  • [ISPN-14823] - ServerAdminOperationsHandler doesn't have CacheUpdateConfigurationAttributeTask
  • [ISPN-14826] - NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.jboss.marshalling.river.ClassDescriptors with jdk 17
  • [ISPN-14831] - Fix DistributionRetryTest tests
  • [ISPN-14832] - Operations not completing in the Hot Rod client when server crashes
  • [ISPN-14841] - Add missing infinispan-hibernate-cache-v62 to BOM
  • [ISPN-14846] - Hot Rod client failover to a busy channel leads to exceptions
  • [ISPN-14848] - Deadlock during expiration of entries with LOCAL cache
  • [ISPN-14849] - ChannelLookupTest is failing
  • [ISPN-14851] - Cache creation with backup throws exception in case of merge-policy enabled
  • [ISPN-14854] - Multihome address detection is broken for IPv6
  • [ISPN-14856] - Do not show Isolation locking property when not transactional cache
  • [ISPN-14857] - RESP pub-sub test is flaky
  • [ISPN-14869] - Compactor is not closing the file iterator on expiration check and causing heap accumulation
  • [ISPN-14876] - Wrong context path property for Rest Client
  • [ISPN-14899] - CacheLoaderInterceptor piggy back leaves orphaned pending operation with availability exception
  • [ISPN-14902] - Exception is thrown while rebuilding an index
  • [ISPN-14940] - IT test suite failing in some executions
  • [ISPN-14957] - REST /v2/caches always returns 500 due to NPE
  • [ISPN-14976] - Wrong marshaller setup for SetBucket
  • [ISPN-14982] - State transfer never completes
  • [ISPN-14983] - Dynamically created caches which use dynamic RBAC cause startup failure
  • [ISPN-14996] - Core native tests failing
  • [ISPN-14997] - Running Infinispan with OpenTelemetry instrumentation prints errors about memory metrics
  • [ISPN-14998] - Different classes have the same ExternalizerIds number
  • [ISPN-15001] - RespTestClientDriver blocks on shutdown
  • [ISPN-15002] - TestClient resource shutdown can block indefinitely resulting in testsuite aborting
  • [ISPN-15004] - URLConfigurationResourceResolver waiting on the Class initialization monitor deadlock
  • [ISPN-15010] - ProtocolManagementIT does not work reliably
  • [ISPN-15017] - JGroups bridge.xml in core testsuite does not correctly configure FD


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