Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 14.0.0.Dev02 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-12439] - Add server endpoint that implements RESP protocol from Redis
  • [ISPN-13463] - Expose JGroups attributes in /metrics
  • [ISPN-13737] - Ensure Infinispan installs and runs in a FIPS enabled system


  • [ISPN-12973] - RemoveExpiredCommand will not remove entries on backup if equals is not implemented
  • [ISPN-13495] - IRAC send tombstones in state transfer
  • [ISPN-13591] - Backups fail if a proto schema key contains forward slashes
  • [ISPN-13616] - Stream pipeline blocks if filterKeys() gets an empty set
  • [ISPN-13628] - InnerPublisherSubscription needs to handle Throwable on subscription request
  • [ISPN-13664] - Deadlock on closing of PersistenceManagerImpl
  • [ISPN-13670] - SQLException When Use Schema in Oracle
  • [ISPN-13695] - Modules for Wildfly does not include all hibernate artifacts
  • [ISPN-13703] - Merge on clustered DIST_SYNC transactional cache fails for a non owner node, causes nullpointer in remote node
  • [ISPN-13719] - Register NettyTransport metrics
  • [ISPN-13722] - Logging processor breaks during compile if `@Description` exists but no `@LogMessage` annotation
  • [ISPN-13729] - Zero capacity node throws NPE on sendJoinRequest after upgrade
  • [ISPN-13730] - NullPointerException when computing Netty global connections
  • [ISPN-13734] - ConcurrentModificationException on GlobalConfigurationManager startup
  • [ISPN-13765] - Unable to start full JGroups stacks without parent
  • [ISPN-13771] - Remove org.jboss.remotingjmx:remoting-jmx from CLI
  • [ISPN-13777] - NullPointerException in JGroupsTransport when metrics are not available


  • [ISPN-12991] - Replace Smallrye metrics with Micrometer
  • [ISPN-13207] - Distribute Jakarta EE 9+ module variants of modules
  • [ISPN-13505] - Set context classloader for worker threads explicitly to prevent leaks
  • [ISPN-13684] - Add the wizard use editor option to create caches with a configuration
  • [ISPN-13727] - Remove worker-thread configuration option and add message about io threads
  • [ISPN-13754] - BlockingManager should not blocking invoking thread if stage is not complete
  • [ISPN-13758] - Add thenComposeBlocking to BlockingManager

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-13197] - Move Developer Guide to Infinispan Embedded Guide
  • [ISPN-13237] - Docs: Improve UX of HTML logging report
  • [ISPN-13307] - Dynamic RBAC
  • [ISPN-13446] - IRAC: configure the tombstone cleanup task
  • [ISPN-13576] - SoftIndexFileStore segmentation can be made more performant
  • [ISPN-13661] - Deprecate unused cross-site configuration
  • [ISPN-13707] - Docs: Minor updates to cache configuration examples
  • [ISPN-13711] - Improve memory usage for IRAC
  • [ISPN-13723] - Create metric for site status
  • [ISPN-13735] - Community site: Keep dev and stable content in sync with commits to the repo
  • [ISPN-13744] - Point to the Infinispan Ansible Collection
  • [ISPN-13752] - Remote LDAP Kerberos support
  • [ISPN-13759] - Don't log version at INFO
  • [ISPN-13761] - Remove the RocksDB cachestore from the default server

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