Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 13.0.0.Dev03 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [ISPN-11076] - ParticipantFailsAfterPrepareTest.testNonOriginatorFailsAfterPrepare random failures
  • [ISPN-12667] - GlobalState incompatibility between 11.x and 12.x
  • [ISPN-13001] - Server does not report location for configuration parsing errors
  • [ISPN-13030] - REST getEntries only supports JSON
  • [ISPN-13078] - MediaType encoding param ignored in some cases
  • [ISPN-13094] - Change to
  • [ISPN-13116] - SFS failures on upgrade from 11.0.9.Final -> 12.1.3.Final
  • [ISPN-13128] - Not possible to migrate 11.x SFS stores when custom marshaller used
  • [ISPN-13129] - REST server should assume keys are text/plain by default
  • [ISPN-13131] - REST keys operation blocks in a non-blocking thread
  • [ISPN-13132] - CacheResourceTest.shouldIgnoreDisabledCaches random failure
  • [ISPN-13135] - JdbcStringBasedStore non-segmented stores fail to start on server restart
  • [ISPN-13148] - XMLTranscoder can block during reflection
  • [ISPN-13156] - Multiple instances of XMLTranscoder reuse the same internal object
  • [ISPN-13161] - ClusterExpirationMaxIdleTest.testMaxIdleAccessSuspectedExpiredEntryRefreshesProperly
  • [ISPN-13174] - Filtering listeners registered with a simple cache receive events that do not conform to its filter

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-13150] - WildFly Galleon Maven plugin 5.2.1
  • [ISPN-13153] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 6.0.5.Final


  • [ISPN-12685] - Authz and Secured caches simple tutorial
  • [ISPN-12686] - SSL Simple tutorial
  • [ISPN-13009] - Improve Database server rule to allow override the default databases and jdbc drivers
  • [ISPN-13123] - Simple tutorial for TLS encryption configuration
  • [ISPN-13139] - Documentation revision
  • [ISPN-13143] - WrappedByteArray compute the hash code during toString

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