Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 12.0.2.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-9146] - [pretesting] JDG throws OverlappingFileLockException when creating distributed cache with transactions in session offloading scenario with hotrod store configured
  • [ISPN-11687] - Infinispan not able to start after CR configuration change
  • [ISPN-12571] - jcache/tck-runner-remote random failures starting server
  • [ISPN-12572] - OverlappingFileLockException in OverlayLocalConfigurationStorage
  • [ISPN-12730] - NPE when mapping a repeated non-indexed field in a schema
  • [ISPN-12812] - Server cannot find user classes for marshalling
  • [ISPN-12819] - CLI invalid connection string results in zero exit code
  • [ISPN-12821] - CLI connection url does not support url-encoding in auth string
  • [ISPN-12832] - The Server Loader gets AccessDeniedException
  • [ISPN-12833] - Remove outdated integrations from the docs

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-12603] - Server Guide should link to image instructions in getting started
  • [ISPN-12736] - Docs: Removing productized attributes and conditionals
  • [ISPN-12791] - The console cannot display data converted to JSON
  • [ISPN-12797] - Use supplied properties for config replacement in JCache
  • [ISPN-12808] - Per-cache Hot Rod client marshaller / dataformat

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