Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 11.0.10.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-9146] - [pretesting] JDG throws OverlappingFileLockException when creating distributed cache with transactions in session offloading scenario with hotrod store configured
  • [ISPN-11687] - Infinispan not able to start after CR configuration change
  • [ISPN-12571] - jcache/tck-runner-remote random failures starting server
  • [ISPN-12572] - OverlappingFileLockException in OverlayLocalConfigurationStorage
  • [ISPN-12629] - XSD "segmented" description is incorrect
  • [ISPN-12639] - Server doesn't use OpenSSL even if available
  • [ISPN-12646] - IllegalArgumentException when doing Rolling Upgrades on transactional caches
  • [ISPN-12661] - Licenses are not properly generated in console
  • [ISPN-12715] - Conflict resolution failure logged at debug level
  • [ISPN-12725] - Conflict resolution fails in transactional cache with auto-commit disabled
  • [ISPN-12807] - Simple cache does not update eviction statistics
  • [ISPN-12818] - HotRod client leaks memory with an exception until the socket timeout elapses
  • [ISPN-12820] - JdbcStringBasedStore closed statement on exceptional code path


  • [ISPN-12603] - Server Guide should link to image instructions in getting started
  • [ISPN-12637] - Remove superfluous config example from eviction content
  • [ISPN-12736] - Docs: Removing productized attributes and conditionals

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