Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 12.0.0.Dev05 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-11176] - XSite Max Idle
  • [ISPN-12044] - CLI performance test tool
  • [ISPN-12160] - System init files to start Infinispan as a service
  • [ISPN-12307] - Improve media type parsing
  • [ISPN-12340] - Allow custom unzip expression for tomcat in third-party-server
  • [ISPN-12353] - REST allow backup restore progress to be submitted and polled
  • [ISPN-12373] - Set missing licenses manually
  • [ISPN-12375] - Add missing license information to wildfly modules
  • [ISPN-12383] - Docs: Improve Marshalling sections in Dev Guide
  • [ISPN-12411] - org.infinispan.CONFIG should ignore zero-capacity-node=true
  • [ISPN-12418] - Docs: Clustered Locks

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-12376] - Deal with FAILED Health status in the console


  • [ISPN-6901] - ConsistentHashV2IntegrationTest.​testCorrectBalancingOfKeysAfterNodeKill fails
  • [ISPN-12102] - Validate configuration before storing it
  • [ISPN-12138] - Get key with Integer Key not working
  • [ISPN-12153] - Anchored keys: make clustered/client listeners work
  • [ISPN-12286] - Indexed entity declaration not enforced
  • [ISPN-12309] - Creating cache with invalid configuration leaves inconsistent state
  • [ISPN-12315] - REST server can't handle entry changes with value encoded as java primitives
  • [ISPN-12325] - Hot Rod server instances in tests use too much memory
  • [ISPN-12337] - Clustered Expiration can deadlock with Pessimistic Tx on a non owner
  • [ISPN-12357] - Indexing configurations should not be inherited when explicitly disabled
  • [ISPN-12365] - Throttle TLS handshake failed NotSslRecordException WARN message
  • [ISPN-12366] - infinispan-commons is not a valid Multi-Release jar
  • [ISPN-12367] - ServerRunMode.FORKED can leak running "tail -f .../server/log/server.log" processes
  • [ISPN-12368] - ServerRunMode.FORKED always leaks running server processes when cluster shutdown fails
  • [ISPN-12374] - shutdown command stops the Infinispan Server but leaves the JVM process running
  • [ISPN-12378] - Distributed queries don't respect RPC timeout
  • [ISPN-12381] - Cache restore operations not executed across the cluster
  • [ISPN-12392] - EndpointInteroperabilityTest.testStringKeysAndByteArrayValue failing
  • [ISPN-12399] - Replace "cache-configs" resource with "templates"
  • [ISPN-12413] - Clustered listeners for replicated caches do not receive events on zero capacity nodes
  • [ISPN-12424] - Fix ProtobufResourceTest addAndGetListOrderedByName test
  • [ISPN-12432] - Fix maven warning
  • [ISPN-12440] - LoggingResource endpoint does not work with Quarkus


  • [ISPN-12167] - Remove the already deprecated ProtostreamSerializationContextInitializer
  • [ISPN-12371] - Remove LGPL headers from new code for Search 6 integration
  • [ISPN-12387] - Merge infinispan-search-mapper module into infinispan-query module
  • [ISPN-12409] - Add missing GAV to infinispan-bom

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