Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 10.1.7.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-10428] - Docs: Configuring paths for single file cache stores
  • [ISPN-11503] - Export Rolling Upgrade operations via REST
  • [ISPN-11537] - Add StatefulSet rolling upgrade server integration test
  • [ISPN-11645] - Get or Create Cache with Default Template
  • [ISPN-11676] - Per-cache Hot Rod client configuration
  • [ISPN-11697] - Server Docs: Fix user tool issues
  • [ISPN-11698] - Operator Docs: Fixes to xsite docs
  • [ISPN-11704] - Change from FileSystemBind to Docker Volume in Server Test Suite
  • [ISPN-11710] - MassIndexer timeouts after 4 minutes

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-11490] - Display cache configuration in the cache detail
  • [ISPN-11624] - Server patching tool
  • [ISPN-11673] - RemoteStore should allow ClientIntellegience configuration


  • [ISPN-11485] - No Server logs after shutdownHook has been called
  • [ISPN-11556] - SFS file location not relative to global persistent-location
  • [ISPN-11582] - Server test driver should use pgrep instead of jps
  • [ISPN-11627] - InfinispanServerRule returning FileAlreadyExistsException if you use mavenArtifacts and restart the server
  • [ISPN-11642] - Remote JCacheManager doesn't apply configuration from URI
  • [ISPN-11643] - REST connector misinterprets % in query path elements
  • [ISPN-11684] - Errors not handled correctly when the cache is created
  • [ISPN-11686] - Windows batch files should use CR/LF
  • [ISPN-11709] - The MassIndexer reports wrong status for local caches
  • [ISPN-11737] - Server Loader will not load the additional (user) libs if the server-root is set
  • [ISPN-11750] - ClusteredIT must have RestLoggingResource

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