Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.4.18.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-10657] - Handle async-xsite in parallel
  • [ISPN-11104] - Docs: SB Starter version is broken
  • [ISPN-11105] - Docs: Remove scattered cache from 7.3
  • [ISPN-11159] - QueryInterceptor uses the wrong logger
  • [ISPN-11164] - Docs: Clustered max idle updates
  • [ISPN-11169] - [9.4.x] JDBC string based cache store config out of date
  • [ISPN-11175] - Improve Log::unsupportedConfiguration method adding that a missing dependency can cause the issue
  • [ISPN-11196] - Docs: Remove suggestion about using Capacity Factor = 0 for site masters
  • [ISPN-11240] - Add transport stop/start to endpoint subsystem

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-11020] - Clustered Max Idle Take 2
  • [ISPN-11084] - Log an ERROR if golbal state is not enabled whenever internal caches with Flag.PERSISTENT are created


  • [ISPN-10975] - Transactional cache will slow down the expiration reaper
  • [ISPN-10984] - StackOverflowError following restart of scattered-cache with state-transfer awaitInitialTransfer disabled
  • [ISPN-11097] - Clusters page unable to resolve "host" when utilising clustered standalone servers
  • [ISPN-11101] - Purge on JDBC shared stores can cause deadlocks
  • [ISPN-11116] - Invalidation commands should not load the previous value from the store
  • [ISPN-11124] - REPL get optimiztion isn't applied for all calls
  • [ISPN-11132] - Data not indexed during state transfer in server mode
  • [ISPN-11170] - Infinispan directory does not work with pre-declared indexed entities when sharing user cache and data cache
  • [ISPN-11182] - SiteMasterPickerImpl should return null when there are no addresses
  • [ISPN-11210] - Classloading issues when using annotation generated marshallers in deployed server tasks
  • [ISPN-11231] - Transcoder lookup is inefficient
  • [ISPN-11265] - Management console show only the first cluster member
  • [ISPN-11303] - Local non-blocking get breaks hit/miss statistics


  • [ISPN-11253] - Add task name to hotrod access log


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