Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 10.1.0.CR1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-10844] - Docs Productization: Configuring Server Endpoints
  • [ISPN-10846] - Server Docs: Scripting
  • [ISPN-10972] - REST caches list order should be stable
  • [ISPN-10996] - Server Docs: Server README reference
  • [ISPN-10997] - REST Docs: Minor fixes for productization
  • [ISPN-10999] - Server Docs: Update prometheus monitoring section
  • [ISPN-11001] - Bring config templates only endpoint
  • [ISPN-11003] - XML examples schema version should be parameterised
  • [ISPN-11009] - Server should support a custom path for the log file
  • [ISPN-11016] - CLI Docs: Fixing broken-ness
  • [ISPN-11037] - The UserTool should ask for confirmation of the password when interactive
  • [ISPN-11042] - TaskResource should allow filtering admin tasks
  • [ISPN-11043] - Upgrade to infinispan doclets 1.2.1.Final and use DocletMultiplexer to exclude non-API elements
  • [ISPN-11044] - Client timeout Exception should log the connection additional to the key

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-8835] - Restructure query to allow non-indexed query with just core, query-dsl, object-filter modules
  • [ISPN-9660] - Histogram stats
  • [ISPN-10986] - Redirect /console to /console/
  • [ISPN-10988] - Static file resources should be served without authentication


  • [ISPN-10897] - Cache Resource for bounded actually returns whether expiration is configured
  • [ISPN-10906] - JGroupsTransport instance is reused in tests
  • [ISPN-10965] - StaticFileResource fails to serve symlinked resources
  • [ISPN-10966] - StateTransferLockImpl.topologyFuture should complete exceptionally after stop
  • [ISPN-10967] - CORS rules for localhost don't take offset into account
  • [ISPN-10970] - Deprecate Infinispan Directory
  • [ISPN-10971] - Cache detail configuration is not a JSON
  • [ISPN-10990] - The Hot Rod server logs warnings about non-tx caches too much
  • [ISPN-10992] - Migrate REST store to rest v2
  • [ISPN-10993] - Rest CORS documentation table missing allowed-headers
  • [ISPN-11002] - RocksDB XML examples missing xmlns attribute
  • [ISPN-11028] - org.infinispan:infinispan-spring5-common missing from infinispan-bom
  • [ISPN-11030] - ConcurrentModificationException in CorsHandler
  • [ISPN-11035] - XSiteResourceTest.testPushAllCaches random failures


  • [ISPN-9381] - Document server whitelist configuration
  • [ISPN-10978] - Fix infinispan-console-ng dependency in pom.xml
  • [ISPN-10989] - Simplify InfinispanServerRule construction
  • [ISPN-11046] - Move mapper and audit implementations to specific public packages
  • [ISPN-11047] - Deprecate the memcached protocol server


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