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Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-4915] - Support flags for REST endpoint
  • [ISPN-10376] - Optimize operation to get keys from a cache
  • [ISPN-10511] - Docs: Infinispan Clustering
  • [ISPN-10566] - description of repl cache access contains outdated information and needs update
  • [ISPN-10574] - Off Heap iteration performance improvements
  • [ISPN-10600] - Create empty XSiteStateTransferManager and related classes
  • [ISPN-10612] - Support multiple permissions for GlobalRoleConfigurationBuilder
  • [ISPN-10613] - Support multiple roles for AuthorizationConfigurationBuilder
  • [ISPN-10668] - Expiration reaper should log the number of entries removed
  • [ISPN-10676] - Docs: max-idle expiration and xsite
  • [ISPN-10678] - Cluster Expiration Reaper should only expire primary owned entries
  • [ISPN-10693] - Docs: Update anchors and links
  • [ISPN-10699] - Add Transcoder name to log statements to aid debugging
  • [ISPN-10711] - Use common property for setting jgroups bind address/port
  • [ISPN-10714] - Batch support in the CLI
  • [ISPN-10715] - Docs: Remove brandcli attribute

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-10442] - Expose XSite information via REST


  • [ISPN-9541] - Module initialization is not thread-safe
  • [ISPN-10161] - ThreadLeakChecker is blocking PolarionJUnitXMLReporter to generate the reports
  • [ISPN-10186] - Error stopping cache manager
  • [ISPN-10275] - Incomplete memcache protocol implementation - Unknown operation: touch
  • [ISPN-10343] - LocalCacheStateTransferTest random failures
  • [ISPN-10429] - Hot Rod client doesn't retry on socket timeout
  • [ISPN-10552] - Ignored caches should be per server
  • [ISPN-10579] - TransactionalExceptionEvictionInterceptor 1PC PrepareCommand should not be added to pending map
  • [ISPN-10592] - Remove deprecated ComponentMetadata, ComponentMetadataRepo, ManageableComponentMetadata
  • [ISPN-10595] - ModuleRepository and ModuleRepository.Builder are leaking in public API
  • [ISPN-10601] - Support extensions in the Server
  • [ISPN-10610] - The server doesn't register extensions (filters, converters, etc)
  • [ISPN-10614] - Creation of indexed queries via the CacheAdmin API fails
  • [ISPN-10615] - MBean operation metadata is broken, param type and param description are swapped
  • [ISPN-10618] - If Expiration is enabled the cretionDate is modified to the current server start date if preload is enabled for a persistence
  • [ISPN-10620] - BasicComponentRegistryImpl.getMBeanMetadata discards overloaded operations and does not prevent overriding annotations
  • [ISPN-10621] - NullPointerException in CompositeLockPromise
  • [ISPN-10624] - Documentation Global security authorization should be enabled if cache authorization enabled
  • [ISPN-10628] - The signature of JMX operations and attributes in the MBeanInfo of a DynamicMBean must not use generics
  • [ISPN-10629] - Remove never used 'type' from org.infinispan.jmx.annotations.Parameter
  • [ISPN-10630] - Cluster wide cache stats do not work with exception based eviction
  • [ISPN-10631] - infinispan-feature-pack is using wrong parent path
  • [ISPN-10632] - Unable to resolve org.infinispan.server:infinispan-server-commons
  • [ISPN-10640] - Expiration creation/lastUsed timestamp are lost when preloading from store
  • [ISPN-10644] - Random failures in JsonSerializationTest
  • [ISPN-10650] - Expiration should not be replicated cross site
  • [ISPN-10652] - Agroal missing from server
  • [ISPN-10654] - remote-sites element in embedded jgroups schema must be unbounded
  • [ISPN-10655] - REST operation to return a list of counters
  • [ISPN-10666] - Eviction get stuck with <off-heap> configuration and optimistic transactions
  • [ISPN-10669] - MurmurHash3 should have a special case for WrappedBytes
  • [ISPN-10672] - Server default configs issues
  • [ISPN-10675] - Query tests don't execute in Intellij due to NoClassDefFoundError org/antlr/runtime/tree/TreeNodeStream
  • [ISPN-10685] - File stores locations do not respect the Global State persistent location
  • [ISPN-10686] - JGroups property replacement failure warnings on startup
  • [ISPN-10687] - Invalid JSON produced when obtaining the cache keys via REST v2
  • [ISPN-10688] - Error negotiating MediaType when obtaining cache and cache manager config
  • [ISPN-10696] - Cluster Expiration reaper limits parallel expirations too much


  • [ISPN-4735] - Remove TODOs from the documentation
  • [ISPN-10458] - Address comments on ISPN-9723
  • [ISPN-10594] - Remove the legacy WildFly-based server
  • [ISPN-10626] - Community Site: Clean up fetch_docs to remove asciidoc warnings
  • [ISPN-10720] - Update Caffeine to 2.8.x


  • [ISPN-8198] - RocksDB should not call System.gc() on non-windows systems
  • [ISPN-9950] - ServerNG: CLI
  • [ISPN-9966] - Guidelines for evolving the API over time
  • [ISPN-10427] - ServerNG: Windows batch files
  • [ISPN-10638] - Remove deprecated methods/classes from the Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-10639] - Remove unused log messages

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