Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.4.17.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-10495] - Remove protobuf and protoparser dependencies
  • [ISPN-10536] - Remove unused tcnative properties from pom.xml
  • [ISPN-10668] - Expiration reaper should log the number of entries removed
  • [ISPN-10678] - Cluster Expiration Reaper should only expire primary owned entries
  • [ISPN-10704] - 9.4.x: Update example
  • [ISPN-10785] - 9.4.x xsite expiration docs
  • [ISPN-10917] - [9.4.x] Remove TODOs from doc
  • [ISPN-10918] - [9.4.x] CLI Timeout
  • [ISPN-11044] - Client timeout Exception should log the connection additional to the key


  • [ISPN-9191] - ExceptionEvictionTest random failure during clearContent
  • [ISPN-9425] - HotRod Transaction Cache - Wrong values when a transactional cache stops in the middle of PrepareTransactionOperation/CompleteTransactionOperation
  • [ISPN-9599] - DefaultCacheManager.getGlobalComponentRegistry should require ADMIN permission
  • [ISPN-10183] - Unable to add cache configuration via server CLI
  • [ISPN-10255] - Documentation about Near cache eviction
  • [ISPN-10286] - Segmented Store can get stuck with bulk write
  • [ISPN-10429] - Hot Rod client doesn't retry on socket timeout
  • [ISPN-10463] - Server uses disabled features
  • [ISPN-10472] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BoundedOffHeapDataContainer.removeSegments
  • [ISPN-10479] - server.jvm.args is not set to jvm when running tests for server/integration/testsuite
  • [ISPN-10524] - Failed to parse jboss-cli.xml
  • [ISPN-10532] - org.antlr.runtime.RecognitionException class leaks from logger interface of object-filter
  • [ISPN-10534] - ProtoStreamMarshaller.getSerializationContext fails with unclear message
  • [ISPN-10547] - Make Elastic Search integration optional in infinispan-remote-query-server
  • [ISPN-10556] - Javadoc errors
  • [ISPN-10579] - TransactionalExceptionEvictionInterceptor 1PC PrepareCommand should not be added to pending map
  • [ISPN-10585] - Wrong property for jackson-databind in server-testsuite
  • [ISPN-10618] - If Expiration is enabled the cretionDate is modified to the current server start date if preload is enabled for a persistence
  • [ISPN-10630] - Cluster wide cache stats do not work with exception based eviction
  • [ISPN-10640] - Expiration creation/lastUsed timestamp are lost when preloading from store
  • [ISPN-10650] - Expiration should not be replicated cross site
  • [ISPN-10666] - Eviction get stuck with <off-heap> configuration and optimistic transactions
  • [ISPN-10696] - Cluster Expiration reaper limits parallel expirations too much
  • [ISPN-10722] - Mgmt console: home page load fails in case secured cache container
  • [ISPN-10772] - RemoteListener doesn't work with StorageType.BINARY/StorageType.OFF_HEAP
  • [ISPN-10826] - Fix GlobalXSiteAdminOpsTest failures
  • [ISPN-10924] - JPA cache store (with async enabled) will log Exceptions in DEBUG for deleteBatch and is not able to remove entries from the store
  • [ISPN-10928] - Counter SecurityException: ISPN000287: Unauthorized access: subject 'null' lacks 'ADMIN'
  • [ISPN-10940] - JPA deleteBatch should not pass empty collection to CriteriaDelete
  • [ISPN-10980] - SitesView attribute will be empty or show incomplete view of members
  • [ISPN-11028] - org.infinispan:infinispan-spring5-common missing from infinispan-bom

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