Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 10.1.0.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-9734] - Docs: Fill in TODO Gaps for Querying and Analyzing
  • [ISPN-10729] - Server Docs: Single Port and Auto HotRod Selection
  • [ISPN-10730] - Support INADDR_ANY in Hot Rod
  • [ISPN-10740] - Observability Docs: metrics endpoint
  • [ISPN-10803] - Use WildFly OpenSSL
  • [ISPN-10830] - Client Testsuite should utilise SerializationContextInitializers via configuration
  • [ISPN-10931] - ClassWhiteList should store regex matches in classes Set
  • [ISPN-10972] - REST caches list order should be stable
  • [ISPN-10998] - Client should automatically register .proto schemas with the server
  • [ISPN-11032] - Display logical/physical addresses
  • [ISPN-11061] - Create cache: pressing enter in either of the input areas causes a blank page
  • [ISPN-11062] - In the cache list view, I'd remove the "More" action and let the user click on the cache name
  • [ISPN-11073] - Simplify token mech client configuration
  • [ISPN-11074] - Support LDAP Connection configuration
  • [ISPN-11089] - Add LDAP attribute from reference
  • [ISPN-11090] - Docs: fixing maven build erros
  • [ISPN-11091] - Add feature to read server logs from ContainerInfinispanServerDriver
  • [ISPN-11106] - Export 'base' and 'vendor' microprofile metric registries

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-8835] - Restructure query to allow non-indexed query with just core, query-dsl, object-filter modules
  • [ISPN-9660] - Histogram stats
  • [ISPN-10417] - ServerNG: Kerberos authentication (GSSAPI, GS2, SPNEGO)
  • [ISPN-10443] - Display X-Site information in the console
  • [ISPN-10762] - Full detail cache REST endpoint
  • [ISPN-10854] - REST Tasks Exec
  • [ISPN-10885] - REST Reindex action
  • [ISPN-11069] - Welcome page fixes
  • [ISPN-11080] - Caches endpoint delete size and add health
  • [ISPN-11084] - Log an ERROR if golbal state is not enabled whenever internal caches with Flag.PERSISTENT are created


  • [ISPN-7092] - Failed to broadcast asynchronous command
  • [ISPN-8362] - Clustered Counter testsuite hangs
  • [ISPN-9140] - Topology id missing during preloading with JpaStore
  • [ISPN-9411] - Shutdown process hangs on same cache each time
  • [ISPN-9988] - ScatteredStateConsumerImpl can leak the exclusive topology lock
  • [ISPN-10367] - Possible loss of (pessimistic) lock if a transaction will reach timeout and/or is removed
  • [ISPN-10716] - Infinispan index banner links to a page with invalid certificates
  • [ISPN-10749] - Invalidation mode needs a proper key partitioner
  • [ISPN-10798] - JCache annotations attribute cacheResolverFactory is ignored
  • [ISPN-10818] - ProtoStream 9.4.x client backwards compatibility
  • [ISPN-10856] - Proto lock files not committed during .Final release
  • [ISPN-10857] - Add infinispan-jboss-marshalling to server distribution for transcoding
  • [ISPN-10860] - Attributes with DataType.TRAIT are not metrics
  • [ISPN-10862] - SpringCache unwrapping NullValue singleton fails with Java Serialization
  • [ISPN-10865] - NPE if DefaultCacheManager ClassWhiteList utilised on component start()
  • [ISPN-10866] - Wildfly InfinispanExtension Should always use jboss-marshalling
  • [ISPN-10876] - NPE when using PutMap with listener
  • [ISPN-10877] - REST API consistency fixes
  • [ISPN-10882] - Remove the warn message ISPN000026: Caught exception purging data container
  • [ISPN-10897] - Cache Resource for bounded actually returns whether expiration is configured
  • [ISPN-10970] - Deprecate Infinispan Directory
  • [ISPN-10975] - Transactional cache will slow down the expiration reaper
  • [ISPN-10984] - StackOverflowError following restart of scattered-cache with state-transfer awaitInitialTransfer disabled
  • [ISPN-11000] - LocalTopologyManager should not wait for view if the local node is not a member
  • [ISPN-11023] - Indexless query fails with missing component in the registry
  • [ISPN-11049] - Infinispan Server should resolve all the console URLs
  • [ISPN-11054] - Recursive file deletion should fail if it cannot delete files
  • [ISPN-11070] - REST cache admin operations don't work when authorization is enabled
  • [ISPN-11072] - Initialization of elytron sasl providers should not be forced in a static initializer
  • [ISPN-11076] - ParticipantFailsAfterPrepareTest.testNonOriginatorFailsAfterPrepare random failures
  • [ISPN-11077] - TransactionsSpanningReplicatedCachesTest.testReadOnlyTransaction random failures
  • [ISPN-11079] - Cluster Expiration and Optimistic Transactions write skew issues
  • [ISPN-11082] - Remove preferContainerExposedPorts from Jenkinsfile
  • [ISPN-11083] - Replace TestContainers::withFileSystemBind with withCopyFileToContainer
  • [ISPN-11094] - Allow custom container server startup timeout
  • [ISPN-11101] - Purge on JDBC shared stores can cause deadlocks


  • [ISPN-10868] - Default whitelist should allow primitives, arrays and reference arrays
  • [ISPN-10881] - Deprecate GlobalJmxStatisticsConfiguration.allowDuplicateDomains
  • [ISPN-11047] - Deprecate the memcached protocol server
  • [ISPN-11055] - Deprecate SerializationConfiguration Version
  • [ISPN-11066] - Deprecate QueryBuilder DSL
  • [ISPN-11075] - Server security documentation update
  • [ISPN-11108] - Move eviction components to impl package


  • [ISPN-7912] - Prevent RocksDBStore writes blocking on full expiry queue
  • [ISPN-8115] - Remove Index.LOCAL
  • [ISPN-9812] - Implement streaming response publisher method
  • [ISPN-10310] - State Transfer needs to be made non blocking
  • [ISPN-10481] - Add additional type support for Protostream user Marshaller
  • [ISPN-10963] - Remove blocking queue from RocksDBStore
  • [ISPN-11038] - Remove splash resources from server

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