Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.4.6.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-7333] - BULK_READ permission is not set in identity/role
  • [ISPN-7889] - BaseDistributionInterceptor.remoteGet may cause concurrency issues
  • [ISPN-8889] - Data race in NonTxInvocationContext
  • [ISPN-9395] - Failures running the test suite in Windows - karaf-maven-plugin:verify on project infinispan-commons: Unable to load features
  • [ISPN-9819] - Improve Spring-Session events handling in remote and embedded
  • [ISPN-9822] - BasicComponentRegistryImpl fails with security manager
  • [ISPN-9824] - Doclets do not work with JDK11
  • [ISPN-9854] - App Server Integration tests should use parameterized configs
  • [ISPN-9871] - Error executing command PutKeyValueCommand when using protobuf
  • [ISPN-9873] - Remove listeners when the lock is removed
  • [ISPN-9874] - Server provisioning version overrides
  • [ISPN-9876] - Commons and embedded feature-packs should utilise 1.3 schema for backwards-compatibility
  • [ISPN-9877] - Nashorn and sun.scription modules optional for embedded feature-packs
  • [ISPN-9881] - Jpa store tests fail with hibernate 5.1

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-9625] - Make clustered locks configuration possible by XML
  • [ISPN-9786] - Update Prometheus JMX agent configuration pattern
  • [ISPN-9802] - Docs: Externalize dependency excerpts for productization
  • [ISPN-9851] - Docs: Rolling Upgrade Procedures

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