Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.4.1.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-9604] - Support to run converters in the user requested format
  • [ISPN-9617] - Create remote multimap simple example


  • [ISPN-3791] - Silence "Received invalid rebalance confirmation from NodeX" exceptions
  • [ISPN-8298] - DistAsyncFuncTest.testLockedStreamSetValue random test failure
  • [ISPN-8616] - DistAsyncFuncTest.testMergeFromNonOwner random failures
  • [ISPN-8813] - org.infinispan.server.test.query.RemoteQueryStringIT.testFullTextTermRightOperandAnalyzed fails randomly
  • [ISPN-9569] - Indexing is not working for clustered caches if it is transactional
  • [ISPN-9589] - Client Listener notifications can deadlock
  • [ISPN-9606] - Fix logging ids for counters module
  • [ISPN-9613] - Fix infinispan-bom
  • [ISPN-9616] - Server does not include multimap
  • [ISPN-9626] - RocksDB documentation is not compiling because of properties are configured wrong
  • [ISPN-9627] - Removing a listener after cache manager stop throws an exception
  • [ISPN-9628] - infinispan-commons MANIFEST doesn not include Multi-Release entry
  • [ISPN-9629] - Coverage profile is not working
  • [ISPN-9641] - Using expiration with off heap doesn't subtract size properly with expiration


  • [ISPN-9597] - Cleanup Cassandra build
  • [ISPN-9601] - Hot Rod client cluster switching over JMX
  • [ISPN-9636] - Refactor IckleFilterAndConverter into a Function so it does not need wrapping for streams
  • [ISPN-9637] - Cleanup dependency injection in Ickle filters and their indexing providers
  • [ISPN-9638] - Make Single port server a feature

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-9603] - Upgrade RocksDB version
  • [ISPN-9639] - Upgrade Narayana to version 5.9.0.Final
  • [ISPN-9654] - Upgrade to protostream-4.2.2.Final
  • [ISPN-9663] - Reduce number of I/O threads for the server XNIO


  • [ISPN-7087] - Handle ClientCacheEntryExpired into InvalidatedNearCacheListener
  • [ISPN-9594] - Update the server trimming list against WF 14 components
  • [ISPN-9595] - Update Cassandra Store to Infinispan 9.4
  • [ISPN-9602] - Use Util.EMPTY_BYTE_ARRAY everywhere instead of allocating new ones

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