Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 10.0.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-9683] - Remove getBulk methods from RemoteCache
  • [ISPN-9684] - Remove CLI loader
  • [ISPN-9754] - Cache size method should consult Shared cache stores when not async

Feature Request


  • [ISPN-9297] - Prevent cache configuration that has L1 and exception based eviction
  • [ISPN-9586] - ClusteredCacheWithAsyncDirTest fails nearly every time in createBeforeMethod()
  • [ISPN-9701] - TransactionTable does not shutdown gracefully
  • [ISPN-9707] - Getting keys via REST fails with SerializationException
  • [ISPN-9720] - JDK11: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
  • [ISPN-9727] - Ickle query ignores an IN clause if there is only one value
  • [ISPN-9735] - InfinispanCacheMeterBinderProvider is always created and causes CastException if infinispan is not enabled
  • [ISPN-9742] - Analyzers not working for inner objects
  • [ISPN-9746] - HotRod decoder should release allocated buffers
  • [ISPN-9752] - JDBCStringBasedStore should disable auto commit for publish methods
  • [ISPN-9753] - Fix maven parallel builds
  • [ISPN-9762] - Cache hangs during rebalancing
  • [ISPN-9763] - Add persistence element to server configs
  • [ISPN-9764] - Server should utilise the Persistence element
  • [ISPN-9768] - Do not register MBeans if they are disabled
  • [ISPN-9769] - Do not initialize the SASL classes if not needed
  • [ISPN-9773] - Disabling a store puts persistence manager in invalid state if there is another store
  • [ISPN-9774] - Word Count Example should be <String, Long> instead of <String, Integer>
  • [ISPN-9775] - ISPN build for IBM Java ends with error in Ant execution task
  • [ISPN-9777] - Default AdvancedCacheLoader#publishEntries can hang with more than 2048 entries
  • [ISPN-9782] - Rest server stop() does not invoke super.stop()
  • [ISPN-9785] - RemoteCache entrySet and keySet must implement value equality
  • [ISPN-9789] - Fix incompatibility with Spring Session in the starter
  • [ISPN-9791] - Distributed Stream rehash can miss entries on non replicated caches with non iterator methods
  • [ISPN-9798] - Deadlock in org.infinispan.persistence.manager.PersistenceManagerImpl when using infinispan in Wildfly-14.0.1.Final


  • [ISPN-4806] - Provide server configuration for the Soft Index File Store
  • [ISPN-9017] - HotRod client thread names should include the test name


  • [ISPN-7035] - Support Spring 5
  • [ISPN-9646] - Docs: Merge Details on Protocol Interoperability
  • [ISPN-9795] - Make the elasticsearch modules optional in the server
  • [ISPN-9797] - Server doesn't start with JDK 11
  • [ISPN-9800] - Allow PersistenceManager availability check to be disabled

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