Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.3.1.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-9326] - Marshall error when using <modules> config in the server
  • [ISPN-9329] - NPE during cache start due to circular component dependencies
  • [ISPN-9335] - Caches created via Hot Rod ignore media type configuration
  • [ISPN-9336] - Error transcoding from JSON/XML to java objects with deployed entities
  • [ISPN-9342] - Lock timeout when writing to index caches for the first time
  • [ISPN-9349] - XSD web view expansion/collapsing doesn't work
  • [ISPN-9353] - CacheMgmtInterceptor doesn't handle exceptions in GetAllCommand invocation
  • [ISPN-9357] - 404 returned from REST for caches with object storage and non-string keys
  • [ISPN-9370] - Always consult CacheLoader if entry is not in data container


  • [ISPN-9337] - Lock admin console dependencies
  • [ISPN-9362] - Break cycles in exception stack traces

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-9293] - Convert Set<Integer> places to IntSet where appropriate

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