Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.2.2.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-6827] - ReplTotalOrderVersionedStateTransferTest.testStateTransfer random failures
  • [ISPN-8494] - Clear is leaking transaction with Batching
  • [ISPN-8719] - KeySet.(iterator|spliterator|stream) not compatible with versions before 9.1
  • [ISPN-8728] - ExceptionEvictionTest.testSizeCorrectWithStateTransfer random failures
  • [ISPN-8827] - Disable browser cache for some resources in Admin Console
  • [ISPN-8911] - Infinispan Server distribution contains redundant /dependencies directory (brings in additional 120 MB)
  • [ISPN-8962] - PreferAvailabilityStrategy: Rely less on the stable topology
  • [ISPN-8991] - ClusteredLockSplitBrainTest.testLockUseAfterPartitionWithoutMajority fails
  • [ISPN-8993] - LocalTopologyManager should not install a reset topology before conflict resolution
  • [ISPN-8994] - ClusterHealth.getHealthStatus() should take in account the internal caches.
  • [ISPN-9005] - CounterManagerOperationTest and RemoteCounterManagerTest random failures
  • [ISPN-9013] - Partition Handling enabled toggle should set merge-policy=NONE
  • [ISPN-9034] - InfinispanExtensionIT should depend on "org.infinispan"
  • [ISPN-9035] - Rest endpoint not loaded in domain mode due to missing socket-bindings
  • [ISPN-9038] - UNICAST3 conn_expiry_timeout should use JGroups default value
  • [ISPN-9040] - Legacy JDBC update failures on Oracle and DB2
  • [ISPN-9041] - Drop Index fails on Oracle DBs
  • [ISPN-9045] - Failure to change 'protocolVersion' in RemoteStoreConfiguration
  • [ISPN-9056] - Cache metrics per node not displayed when one of nodes is stopped
  • [ISPN-9062] - JGroupsTransport should only send messages to nodes in the cluster view
  • [ISPN-9063] - Average stats should be calculated in Nanoseconds but exposed in Milliseconds
  • [ISPN-9068] - Indexer throws exception in cluster mode
  • [ISPN-9073] - NPE with unauthorized CORS preflight request
  • [ISPN-9076] - SearchException when indexing entities in persistent caches
  • [ISPN-9077] - NullPointerException when trying to recover cache
  • [ISPN-9080] - Distributed cache stream should wait for new topology when segments aren't complete
  • [ISPN-9097] - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.infinispan.query.Search
  • [ISPN-9099] - Staggered remote get throws IllegalStateException


  • [ISPN-8982] - Hibernate ORM 5.3 2LC implementation

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-9015] - Upgrade Protostream to 4.2.0.CR2
  • [ISPN-9092] - Upgrade Protostream to 4.2.0.Final


  • [ISPN-9004] - Upgrade Hibernate Commons Annotations to 5.0.3.Final
  • [ISPN-9048] - Gulp check should prevent console logging
  • [ISPN-9058] - Auto-start feature/flag for nodes added from Management Console

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