Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.1.3.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-8409] - Change off heap eviction to store everything in same allocated memory block
  • [ISPN-8419] - Off Heap peek doesn't do a peek and reorders lru nodes
  • [ISPN-8421] - Eviction loop creates entry from memory and remove call does same thing
  • [ISPN-8423] - Remove metadata size integer in cases where we know the size
  • [ISPN-8481] - Lazily calculate hashCode for WrappedByteArray


  • [ISPN-6558] - Typo in export package of infinispan-persistence-soft-index OSGI module
  • [ISPN-8326] - LevelDB test methods executed when SkipOnOS us used
  • [ISPN-8448] - Retried prepare times out while partition is in degraded mode
  • [ISPN-8454] - Off Heap can crash when using JMH test
  • [ISPN-8504] - View change during cluster listener registration can throw SuspectException


  • [ISPN-8457] - Use jboss-logging in ProtobufMetadataManagerInterceptor

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