Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.1.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-7753] - Compute, ComputeIfPresent, ComputeIfAbsent
  • [ISPN-7830] - Highlight the selected main navigation tab
  • [ISPN-7832] - Adjust cache card icons according to Patternfly UI/X guidelines
  • [ISPN-7833] - Adjust server node icons according to UI/X Patternfly guidelines
  • [ISPN-7834] - Adjust all modal dialogs according to Patternfly UI/X guidelines
  • [ISPN-7835] - Adjust resource create modal dialogs (cache, server, task, endpoint etc) - follow Patternfly UI/X guidelines
  • [ISPN-7836] - Add action menu kebabs to resource list on cache containers/clusters pages
  • [ISPN-7867] - MetaParams enhancements
  • [ISPN-7883] - Create expandable/collapsable sections in complex modal dialogs

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-6334] - Handle definitions of indexable classes in server config
  • [ISPN-6645] - Scattered cache
  • [ISPN-7900] - Provide entrySet, values, keySet implementation for RemoteCache


  • [ISPN-6997] - PessimisticTxPartitionAndMergeDuringRuntimeTest.testOriginatorIsolatedPartition random failures
  • [ISPN-7766] - TypeConverterDelegatingAdvancedCache not boxing values in compute functions
  • [ISPN-7820] - Document store-by-reference effects in functional commands
  • [ISPN-7884] - StackOverflowError caused by GetAllCommand
  • [ISPN-7911] - Functional commands do not invalidate L1 cache
  • [ISPN-7944] - Encoders should not handle null references
  • [ISPN-7949] - HotRod client test suite improvements
  • [ISPN-7952] - OffHeapSingleNodeExpirationEvictionTest failures
  • [ISPN-7959] - WrappedByteArray logging entire values
  • [ISPN-7960] - TxInterceptor.verifyRemoteTransaction ignores partition handling
  • [ISPN-7975] - NullPointerException in PutMapHelper.transformResult
  • [ISPN-7985] - NullPointerException in DistributionManager.start() with trace logging enabled
  • [ISPN-7987] - Object-filter is missing from javadoc
  • [ISPN-7999] - NPE in ScatteredCrashInSequenceTest


  • [ISPN-6971] - Use JChannel directly instead of going through MessageDispatcher
  • [ISPN-7946] - Create test which checks that protobuf metadata cache is started once any ordinary cache is started


  • [ISPN-6245] - Remote query should be able to work with JBoss marshaling, compat mode and hibernate-search annotations

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