Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.0.0.CR4 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-7613] - Enable write-skew for optimistic + repeatable-read transactions


  • [ISPN-6029] - DDL for JDBC store tables should never allow null
  • [ISPN-6713] - RemoteQueryDslConditionsTest.testIsNullNumericWithProjection1 fails
  • [ISPN-7535] - Cache creation requires specific permissions when using security manager
  • [ISPN-7572] - Infinispan initialization via DirectoryProvider can't use any CacheStore or other extensions
  • [ISPN-7579] - SimpleDateFormat is not thread safe
  • [ISPN-7583] - ClusterListenerDistInitialStateTest.testPrimaryOwnerGoesDownBeforeSendingEvent random failures
  • [ISPN-7584] - Rolling upgrade fails with "java.lang.ClassCastException: SimpleClusteredVersion cannot be cast to NumericVersion"
  • [ISPN-7586] - Rolling Upgrade: use of Remote Store in mode read-only causes data inconsistencies
  • [ISPN-7587] - DefaultCacheManager.defineConfiguration(String, String, Configuration) applies the configurations in the wrong order
  • [ISPN-7592] - REST tests in the server suite use the wrong default cache name
  • [ISPN-7593] - The REST endpoint ignores the context configuration attribute
  • [ISPN-7602] - REST cache store lazy initialization of netty causes classloading issues
  • [ISPN-7610] - TypeConverterDelegatingAdvancedCache.unboxEntryMap returns empty map
  • [ISPN-7611] - Rename BackupWriteRcpCommand -> BackupWriteRpcCommand
  • [ISPN-7612] - We should marshall all classes when using converter
  • [ISPN-7614] - Disabling a store doesn't stop it
  • [ISPN-7618] - Bounded Off Heap can crash when a single entry size is larger than total size
  • [ISPN-7622] - Hot Rod Rolling Upgrade throws TimeOutException
  • [ISPN-7626] - eventType is null when CacheEventConverter.convert() is called
  • [ISPN-7627] - Add test to verify off heap and binary storage work with indexing
  • [ISPN-7629] - Administration console - fatal events have no icon in the right column latest events section
  • [ISPN-7632] - Remove useEagerLocking configuration
  • [ISPN-7635] - ComponentMetadataPersister hangs with IBM JDK
  • [ISPN-7636] - HR 2.6 decoder misreads add client listener command
  • [ISPN-7639] - PolarionJUnitXMLReporter doesn't report failures in configuration methods
  • [ISPN-7651] - Add trace message when listener is invoked
  • [ISPN-7655] - Calling Primitives.writeRawPrimitive with char raises java.lang.ClassCastException


  • [ISPN-7571] - Add a JDBC declarative test to the wildfly module integration tests
  • [ISPN-7594] - Move memcached and websocket connectors out of the default configs
  • [ISPN-7621] - as-lucene-directory integration tests need to cleanup the testing database
  • [ISPN-7650] - Refactor tests to testng assertions

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-3099] - Util.loadClass() still swallows NoClassDefFoundError
  • [ISPN-6815] - Utilise WFLY capabilities to obtain socket bindings
  • [ISPN-6976] - Log#iterationClosed should not use INFO level logging
  • [ISPN-7065] - Collect clustered memory statistics
  • [ISPN-7619] - Use dynamic timeout values in the PersistenceManagerCloseableSupplier
  • [ISPN-7625] - Make sure to report NoClassDefFoundError rather than hiding them as a ClassNotFoundException
  • [ISPN-7641] - Do not use the Triangle when in server mode
  • [ISPN-7645] - RemoteQueryEngine should use subclassing to deal with compatibility mode
  • [ISPN-7648] - Implement @Analyzer and @Field.analyzer for protobuf

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