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Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-4189] - LevelDB module fails on Windows, Solaris and HP-UX machines
  • [ISPN-6039] - NonTxBackupOwnerBecomingPrimaryOwnerTest.testPrimaryOwnerChangingDuringPutOverwrite random failures
  • [ISPN-7459] - Unable to create new cache as default configuration is always null.
  • [ISPN-7489] - org.jgroups.protocols.TCP emits errors when node leaves the cluster
  • [ISPN-7505] - Non-functional read in transaction with modifications returns old value
  • [ISPN-7527] - Local write skew check cannot work with persistence
  • [ISPN-7530] - InfinispanStoreRocksDBIT leaves files in the current directory
  • [ISPN-7540] - Calling getCache(String, String) - template overrides cache definition
  • [ISPN-7541] - Health DMR fails with NPE in domain mode
  • [ISPN-7550] - Remove TriangleAckInterceptor
  • [ISPN-7553] - Replicated cache with numOwners=1 doesn't send writes to backups
  • [ISPN-7556] - Decoder2x.readOptionalParams should not call markReaderIndex()
  • [ISPN-7566] - ByteString.readObject() throws NegativeArraySizeException when length > 127
  • [ISPN-7567] - ClusterListenerDistInitialStateTest.testPrimaryOwnerGoesDownAfterSendingEvent random failures
  • [ISPN-7576] - Documentation chapter about Rolling Upgrades on Kubernetes is including all of Server documentation


  • [ISPN-5654] - Make DeadlockDetectingLockManager aware of single-node locking
  • [ISPN-7372] - Add an equivalent of Hibernate Search SortableField annotation for protobuf schemas
  • [ISPN-7400] - Cache segment ownership information in DistributionManager
  • [ISPN-7485] - Restore authentication functionality on the REST connector
  • [ISPN-7517] - Investigate Netty's "Too many open files" exception in testing of infinispan-compatibility-mode-it
  • [ISPN-7557] - List Hibernate OGM among the possible APIs and Integrations
  • [ISPN-7563] - Netty should use Log4j2
  • [ISPN-7574] - Upgrade Management Console to 9.0.0.CR3

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