Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 8.2.7.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-6029] - DDL for JDBC store tables should never allow null
  • [ISPN-6539] - ClassCastException with Remote Cache Loader and GetWithMetadata
  • [ISPN-6766] - hot rod client: RemoteCache.removeClient method does not remove the listener from the list after server restart
  • [ISPN-7430] - Slowdown when using PutAll with transactions
  • [ISPN-7480] - JDBC cache store doesn't work on Sybase
  • [ISPN-7495] - XSD files missing from infinispan-embedded
  • [ISPN-7535] - Cache creation requires specific permissions when using security manager
  • [ISPN-7547] - ISPN-7207 fix swallows JMX exceptions
  • [ISPN-7572] - Infinispan initialization via DirectoryProvider can't use any CacheStore or other extensions
  • [ISPN-7584] - Rolling upgrade fails with "java.lang.ClassCastException: SimpleClusteredVersion cannot be cast to NumericVersion"
  • [ISPN-7622] - Hot Rod Rolling Upgrade throws TimeOutException
  • [ISPN-7779] - State transfer does not work with protobuf encoded entities
  • [ISPN-7838] - JBoss Modules NPE in Domain mode
  • [ISPN-7860] - DataContainerFactory doesn't work with MANUAL eviction mode (CacheConfigurationException: Unknown eviction strategy MANUAL)
  • [ISPN-7906] - Infinispan Query DSL does not handle inheritance of properties/fields correctly


  • [ISPN-7327] - Backports for 8.2.7.Final
  • [ISPN-7518] - All Infinispan jars are shipped with GNU license instead of ASL
  • [ISPN-7571] - Add a JDBC declarative test to the wildfly module integration tests
  • [ISPN-7621] - as-lucene-directory integration tests need to cleanup the testing database
  • [ISPN-7652] - Incorrect River marshaller in server

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-3099] - Util.loadClass() still swallows NoClassDefFoundError
  • [ISPN-4065] - Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache
  • [ISPN-6714] - Add JDBC support for MariaDB
  • [ISPN-7619] - Use dynamic timeout values in the PersistenceManagerCloseableSupplier
  • [ISPN-7625] - Make sure to report NoClassDefFoundError rather than hiding them as a ClassNotFoundException

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