Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 8.2.4.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-6561] - Add Spring Boot starters for Infinispan
  • [ISPN-6651] - Reduce WARN verbosiness due to missing netty native transport


  • [ISPN-6179] - Number of Locks available and Locks held is always 0
  • [ISPN-6474] - Server should not start default cache
  • [ISPN-6532] - editing security roles does not work
  • [ISPN-6614] - [8.2.x] JCacheConfigurationPropertiesFileTest.​testPropertiesConfiguration always fails
  • [ISPN-6652] - GlobalConfiguration still refers to evictionThreadPool instead of expirationThreadPool
  • [ISPN-6680] - InterruptedException during PutAll from Hot Rod client prevents failover
  • [ISPN-6692] - Handle exceptions in RemoteIterator close
  • [ISPN-6703] - ClearCommand hanging in the test suite
  • [ISPN-6745] - Locks are lost in pessimistic cache
  • [ISPN-6771] - HotRod Client - TcpTransportFactory - update topology issue with multiple caches
  • [ISPN-6816] - Remove unnecessary packages from Embedded Uber Jar
  • [ISPN-6907] - Repl/Dist cache with Transactions doesn't respect shared store semantics
  • [ISPN-6923] - HotRod bulk commands that provide a limit need to close the iterator
  • [ISPN-6944] - Some public query classes are missing from apidocs


  • [ISPN-6729] - Upgrade the Cloud Cache Store to 8.0.0


  • [ISPN-6922] - Support for loading keystores from classpath in the Hot Rod client

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