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  • [ISPN-6093] - When infinispan-remote and infinispan-embedded are deployed together we get an error
  • [ISPN-6227] - ContinuousQueryMultipleCachesDistTest fails randomly
  • [ISPN-6293] - Registering a clustered listener in a DIST cluster leads to SuspectException if one member is not joined yet
  • [ISPN-6313] - Infinispan 8 docs claim Java 7 compatibility
  • [ISPN-6323] - Cluster startup hangs indefinitely in client-server mode
  • [ISPN-6353] - REST service fails to start during remote query server integration tests
  • [ISPN-6362] - Infinispan Query DSL parser failure with inheritance
  • [ISPN-6368] - Race condition in InternalCacheRegistryImpl.registerInternalCache
  • [ISPN-6459] - NPE on cache.getCacheTopologyInfo
  • [ISPN-6460] - Race condition during server start causes wrong configuration to be used for cache 'default'

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-6315] - Add test for remote query using the client as-modules with annotation based protostream marshallers

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