Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 8.1.1.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1518] - Log the Infinispan version information once


  • [ISPN-5955] - FAIL_SILENTLY doesn't always prevent rollback with pessimistic transactions
  • [ISPN-5981] - Compatibility mode: HotRod client sends request to wrong owner
  • [ISPN-5993] - ClassCastException in ProtobufMetadataManagerInterceptor for clear
  • [ISPN-6007] - Cache.get(...) using Flag.FORCE_WRITE_LOCK should retry on OutdatedTopologyException
  • [ISPN-6021] - COUNT and AVG aggregations for fields of embedded entities doesn't work
  • [ISPN-6031] - InfinispanRemoteCacheManagerFactoryBeanTest.setPingOnStartupShouldOverrideDefaultPingOnStartup fails
  • [ISPN-6033] - QueryCache should not be visible to users
  • [ISPN-6042] - NPE when using avg on repeated property and one group does not contain any value
  • [ISPN-6043] - TransactionTable should ignore view changes during shutdown
  • [ISPN-6049] - Calls to reflection API fail with enabled security manager; need to be run in privileged block
  • [ISPN-6076] - Errors when the same column is both a gouping column and an aggregation column
  • [ISPN-6083] - Continuous query and client listeners with DSL filters should reject aggregation queries
  • [ISPN-6089] - Distributed Stream doesn't operate in parllel locally
  • [ISPN-6122] - AbstractCacheTransaction is prone to race conditions: NPE in containsLockOrBackupLock(Object)



  • [ISPN-6028] - Allow caching of queries that have second phase accumulators

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