Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.2.5.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-4046] - New query dsl does not support isNull filters for non-string properties
  • [ISPN-5607] - NearCache: it is possible to read stale data with a put/remove followed by a get
  • [ISPN-5664] - Null is returned for a not expired entry in Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-5668] - Unable to sort on numeric field that can be null
  • [ISPN-5669] - JPAProtobufFilterIndexingServiceProvider is ignored
  • [ISPN-5670] - Hot Rod server sets -1 for lifespan or maxIdle as default
  • [ISPN-5673] - Observation attribute is ignored for listeners with indexed DSL filters
  • [ISPN-5676] - EntryRetrievalCommand must enlist the transaction
  • [ISPN-5677] - HR putIfAbsentAsync not enforcing withFlags(Flag.FORCE_RETURN_VALUE)
  • [ISPN-5692] - Registering a remote event listener fails if cache is indexed, uses protobuf marshalling and includeInitialState=true
  • [ISPN-5698] - Missing topology id in trace log message
  • [ISPN-5710] - Unknown entity name when indexing entities defined in inner classes

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