Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.2.4.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-5581] - "scala.MatchError: None" in HotRodEncoder


  • [ISPN-3532] - AsyncStore has only one live AsyncStoreProcessor (thread) in one time
  • [ISPN-4220] - RemoteCacheManager.getCache may ignore the forceReturnValue flag
  • [ISPN-5403] - NullPointerException on starting CacheStore
  • [ISPN-5523] - Enabling eager caching can lead to sever throwing "OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory"
  • [ISPN-5551] - Infinispan AS modules artifact should include JBoss Marshalling
  • [ISPN-5558] - DistributedTaskPart.equals() implementation is wrong
  • [ISPN-5559] - "AsyncCacheWriter is dead!" errors cause deadlock or unbounded use of memory
  • [ISPN-5561] - Problem in dealing with the HQL queries that contain string comparison operations, when it involves empty string as an operand
  • [ISPN-5562] - AsyncCacheWriter should write all data to the back-end store before shutting down
  • [ISPN-5563] - AsyncCacheLoader.load() may still return stale data
  • [ISPN-5568] - KeyAffinityService race condition on view change
  • [ISPN-5576] - Use MessageToByteEncoder to avoid ByteBuf leak w/ exceptions
  • [ISPN-5647] - ClassCastException on transactional cache
  • [ISPN-5650] - NPE when trying to execute script from Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-5653] - keySet().iterator() does not propagate flags to remove()
  • [ISPN-5658] - Soft Index File Store does not update sequence id in start()
  • [ISPN-9817] - OOM Error on ExposedByteArrayOutputStream

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5588] - Upgrade to hibernate-hql-parser 1.1.1.Final


  • [ISPN-5564] - AsyncCacheWriter stop() and clear() should not wait for space in the modifications queue

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