Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.2.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-3695] - Atomic Object Factory
  • [ISPN-5224] - Publish the server .zip distribution to maven


  • [ISPN-5158] - Transaction rolled back but returns successful response
  • [ISPN-5166] - During ST, previously removed entry was revived
  • [ISPN-5173] - Cluster-wide RPCs not ForkChannel friendly
  • [ISPN-5197] - JGroupsTransport.getViewId() returns too soon
  • [ISPN-5198] - FuturesTest.testCombineWithCompletionErrors random failures
  • [ISPN-5199] - TransportStackConfigurationIT failing
  • [ISPN-5203] - Protostream annotation attributes that do not have a default value should be required


  • [ISPN-5201] - Bump version, parsers and schemas to 7.2

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5237] - Upgrade to protostream-3.0.1.Alpha1


  • [ISPN-4393] - Separate Memcached and Hot Rod protocol decoders
  • [ISPN-5196] - Unify FilterAndConverterDistTest and FilterAndConverterLocalTest
  • [ISPN-5200] - Enhance performance of annotation driven marshallers by caching nested entity marshallers instead of always looking them up

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