Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.2.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-3631] - AsyncStoreEvictionTest.testSizeAfterRemoveAndExpiration fails randomly
  • [ISPN-4450] - RemoteStore uses wrong classloader with rawValues
  • [ISPN-4810] - Local Transactional Cache loses data when eviction is enabled and there are multiple readers and one writer
  • [ISPN-4986] - Error in CDI User Guide
  • [ISPN-5119] - Fail fast when using two phase commit with ASYNC backup strategy
  • [ISPN-5141] - SingleFileStore.process() should use sequential access
  • [ISPN-5152] - Custom interceptor with Position.OTHER_THAN_FIRST_OR_LAST causes CacheManager start to fail
  • [ISPN-5221] - Java Hotrod client, nearcache broken after a org.infinispan.client.hotrod.exceptions.TransportException::
  • [ISPN-5223] - NPE in InfinispanCollections.containsAny
  • [ISPN-5232] - Entry iterator returns entries created in current TX but does not apply the filter/converter
  • [ISPN-5244] - Verify container and cluster-wide cache stats
  • [ISPN-5249] - Remove events documentation referencing org.infinispan.filter classes
  • [ISPN-5254] - Server not always stopped properly with the IBM JDK
  • [ISPN-5257] - ClusterListenerReplicateCallable should wire the filter and converter with the needed dependecies
  • [ISPN-5259] - Disabling rebalancing causes errors when starting the second server in a cluster
  • [ISPN-5267] - The server subsystem does not allow setting create-on-start / drop-on-exit on JDBC tables
  • [ISPN-5271] - Usage of filter composition in DistributedEntryRetriever.sendRequest prevents dependency injection to filter and converter
  • [ISPN-5272] - Getting metric [cacheLoaderStores] at [...] failed: JBAS014792: Unknown attribute cacheLoaderStores, rolled-back=true" is logged in the JON Agent log file
  • [ISPN-5276] - Broken AS JCache modules
  • [ISPN-5279] - Some core notification filter implementations have an externalizer and are also Serializable
  • [ISPN-5284] - ComponentMetadataPersister fails to process classes that contain ".class" in their FQN
  • [ISPN-5287] - Inconsistent logging for starting and finished rebalance
  • [ISPN-5289] - REST endpoint has wrong hyperlinks for keys when retrieving all keys as html
  • [ISPN-5291] - 7.2 apidocs missing from website
  • [ISPN-5295] - Remote cache entries with sub-second lifetime never expire
  • [ISPN-5300] - CacheEventFilterAsKeyValueFilter must pass the value and metadata as 'new' to the underlying CacheEventFilter
  • [ISPN-5302] - Demos don't work in -all distribution


  • [ISPN-5036] - Develop tests for infinispan uber-jars
  • [ISPN-5246] - Re-enable the queue for the JGroups internal thread pool in the default configuration
  • [ISPN-5273] - Add more test scenarios for HR event listeners
  • [ISPN-5275] - Verify that eager near cache doesn't obtain existing entries upon connecting
  • [ISPN-5301] - Make CompositeNotifyingFuture more generic
  • [ISPN-5303] - Move EC2 demos to their own repo

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5258] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.1.1.Final, Apache Lucene 4.10.4


  • [ISPN-3023] - Re-implement BoundedConcurrentHashMap using CHMv8 designs
  • [ISPN-5013] - Server-side scripting using JSR-223 (javax.script)
  • [ISPN-5202] - Remove deprecated maven.test.exec.skip, use skipTests instead
  • [ISPN-5228] - Remove redundant code in locking interceptors
  • [ISPN-5229] - Remove redundant code in CacheLoaderInterceptor
  • [ISPN-5231] - CacheNotifierImpl should wire the listener and converter with dependecies from ComponentRegistry
  • [ISPN-5253] - Update Listener Questions in FAQ
  • [ISPN-5262] - StateTransfer considerably slow with sync indexing
  • [ISPN-5269] - Process and generate component metadata for tests
  • [ISPN-5277] - Add a functional test for remote events with filters and protobuf marshalling
  • [ISPN-5278] - Require Maven 3.1.1 or newer

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