Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.0.3.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-3561] - A joining cache should receive the rebalancedEnabled flag from the coordinator.
  • [ISPN-4948] - Package embedded CLI as uberjar
  • [ISPN-5007] - Enhance the distribution script to detect missing artifacts
  • [ISPN-5017] - Include the CLI uberjar in the distribution zip


  • [ISPN-1896] - ClusteredGetCommands should never fail with a SuspectException
  • [ISPN-4444] - After state transfer, a node is able to read keys it no longer owns from its data container
  • [ISPN-4949] - Split brain: inconsistent data after merge
  • [ISPN-4975] - Cross site state transfer - status of push gets stuck at "SENDING" after being cancelled
  • [ISPN-4979] - CacheStatusResponse map uses too much memory
  • [ISPN-4995] - ClusteredGet served for non-member of CH
  • [ISPN-5000] - Cleanup rebalance confirmation collector when node is not coord
  • [ISPN-5008] - 7.0.x missing cachestore-remote and extended-statistics modules
  • [ISPN-5011] - CacheManager not stopping when search factory not initialized
  • [ISPN-5026] - The Infinispan 7.0.2's GUI demo cannot be properly launched in Windows 7
  • [ISPN-5027] - OutOfMemoryError in entry retriever when state transfer chunk size is Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • [ISPN-5029] - Infinispan 7.0.2 not fully backwards compatible with 6.0.x
  • [ISPN-5030] - NPE during node rebalance after a leave
  • [ISPN-5048] - Relocate some imported packages in uberjars and remove any javax.* classes
  • [ISPN-5052] - Lock timeout details prints out null for local locks
  • [ISPN-5053] - Modules inheriting directly from the BOM use Java 1.5
  • [ISPN-5071] - No rebalance enabled and suspended messages logged
  • [ISPN-5088] - Deleted entries from (FineGrained)AtomicMap reappear in subsequent transaction
  • [ISPN-5104] - Infinite loop in TransactionAwareCloseableIterator when iterating through cache...


  • [ISPN-5018] - Add test for protobuf marshalling of primitives

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5005] - Upgrade to Hibernate HQL Parser 1.1.0.Beta1
  • [ISPN-5006] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.0.0.Beta3
  • [ISPN-5040] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.6.1.Final


  • [ISPN-4989] - infinispan-transport thread name is undefined
  • [ISPN-5032] - Create dedicated GetCacheEntryCommand to simplify code and save memory on GetKeyValueCommand

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