Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.1.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-4273] - Create server integration tests for jgroups SASL auth
  • [ISPN-4944] - Improve HR client security test coverage
  • [ISPN-4948] - Package embedded CLI as uberjar
  • [ISPN-4961] - Schema and parser for 7.1
  • [ISPN-4983] - Public API for tracking completion of Infinispan work for a given user transaction
  • [ISPN-5007] - Enhance the distribution script to detect missing artifacts


  • [ISPN-3982] - TransactionTable leaks memory when JTS is activated
  • [ISPN-4048] - SharedCacheLoaderQueryIndexTest and SharedCacheLoaderQueryDistributedIndexTest always fail
  • [ISPN-4444] - After state transfer, a node is able to read keys it no longer owns from its data container
  • [ISPN-4595] - InfinispanIndexManager fails to pick indexing Node on preload
  • [ISPN-4631] - NodeAuthentication*PassIT.testReadItemOnJoiningNode fails on RHEL6
  • [ISPN-4645] - Many XSD default values do not match the defaults from the corresponding configuration builder
  • [ISPN-4873] - Statetransfer thread pool deadlock
  • [ISPN-4886] - SingleNodeJdbcStoreIT.testForcedShutdown and testNormalShutdown random failures
  • [ISPN-4938] - Infinispan Commons Util package is not in generated Javadoc
  • [ISPN-4941] - Re-enabling rebalancing should not start a rebalance for a cache in degraded mode
  • [ISPN-4949] - Split brain: inconsistent data after merge
  • [ISPN-4974] - Cross site state transfer - CLI ops throw NPE when backup is not defined
  • [ISPN-4975] - Cross site state transfer - status of push gets stuck at "SENDING" after being cancelled
  • [ISPN-4979] - CacheStatusResponse map uses too much memory
  • [ISPN-5001] - NPE on preload with tx caches containing DeltaAware values
  • [ISPN-5002] - InfinispanQueryIT fails using wrong infinispan-storage module slot
  • [ISPN-5008] - 7.0.x missing cachestore-remote and extended-statistics modules
  • [ISPN-5011] - CacheManager not stopping when search factory not initialized
  • [ISPN-5023] - Random Failues on *FactoryBeanTest in the Spring Modules


  • [ISPN-4863] - Add domain management to server
  • [ISPN-4967] - Deprecate ProtobufMetadataManagerMBean.registerProtofiles(String... classPathResources)
  • [ISPN-5018] - Add test for protobuf marshalling of primitives

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-5005] - Upgrade to Hibernate HQL Parser 1.1.0.Beta1
  • [ISPN-5006] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.0.0.Beta3


  • [ISPN-4709] - Have Query enable asynchronous delete operations for the Directory automatically
  • [ISPN-4757] - Provide option to receive remote event filter/converter callbacks with raw data
  • [ISPN-4838] - Expose MassIndexer over DMR and RHQ plugin
  • [ISPN-4989] - infinispan-transport thread name is undefined
  • [ISPN-5004] - ProtobufMetadataManagerMBean should be located in infinispan-remote-query-client module
  • [ISPN-5015] - Update 2LC docu with CacheKey type support in clustered environments
  • [ISPN-5020] - Create OSGi blueprint file for SoftIndexFileStore

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