Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.0.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-4024] - Cross-Site State transfer: alpha version

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-4010] - Allow configuring the LevelDB cache store through JON
  • [ISPN-4064] - Extend the remote query quickstart build to create the protobin descriptor automatically
  • [ISPN-4107] - Server state transfer timeout should be 4 minutes
  • [ISPN-4141] - Include a server service script for LSB (Debian, Ubuntu, etc)


  • [ISPN-3338] - DistributionManager operations Locate key & Is key local are not working properly
  • [ISPN-3641] - org.infinispan.util.ThreadLocalLeakTest.testCheckThreadLocalLeaks fails with Azul JDK
  • [ISPN-3771] - HotRod SSL is not working properly with IBM JDKs -- SSLHandshakeException
  • [ISPN-3942] - HotRod client keep trying recover a connection to a cluster member after shutdown
  • [ISPN-3948] - Missing logic to add the store to the configuration for custom stores
  • [ISPN-3976] - Protobuf marshalling on Indexed server caches interferes with keySet and bulk marshalling
  • [ISPN-3990] - AtomicMapAPITest.testConcurrentTx fails randomly
  • [ISPN-4023] - RESTCertSecurityTest.testSecuredReadWriteOperations random failures
  • [ISPN-4053] - WriteSkew not throwing an exception for AtomicMap in REPL and DIST mode
  • [ISPN-4061] - JPA Cache Store fails on Oracle, Postgres and MsSQL
  • [ISPN-4062] - Infinispan directory server module is missing some dependecies
  • [ISPN-4066] - org.infinispan.query.dsl.Query.getResultSize() gives wrong results when used in remote mode
  • [ISPN-4072] - JPA Cache Store fails to clear entity which contains ElementCollection
  • [ISPN-4085] - Random failures in StateProviderTest due to race condition
  • [ISPN-4094] - Memory leak in RemoteQueryDslConditionsTest
  • [ISPN-4096] - The unstable profile for server testsuite is not working correctly
  • [ISPN-4103] - Generic loader cache child creation fails
  • [ISPN-4104] - Generic store cache child creation fails
  • [ISPN-4111] - Fix dependency tree still leaking Netty 3 on Hot Rod classpath
  • [ISPN-4113] - REST Store should support rawValues
  • [ISPN-4117] - SocketTimeoutErrorTest does not fail if no exception is thrown
  • [ISPN-4125] - ClassCastException if cache.keyset() is invoked for a string-keyed-jdbc-store in C/S mode
  • [ISPN-4138] - Regression in InfinispanSubsystemTestCase: management broken


  • [ISPN-4063] - Remove 5.2.x compatibility code from master
  • [ISPN-4090] - Minor documentation formatting fixes
  • [ISPN-4119] - Merge JPA Cache Store back into main repo
  • [ISPN-4120] - Minor documentation formatting fixes
  • [ISPN-4139] - Upgrade Lucene 4 Infinispan Directory to Lucene 4.7.0

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-4081] - JBoss Marshalling 1.4.4.Final (ASL)
  • [ISPN-4116] - Consistently use Apache Avro 1.7.5
  • [ISPN-4130] - Upgrade to Apache Avro 1.7.6

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