Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 6.0.0.Alpha4 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-3175] - Upgrade the java hotrod client to support remote querying

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-755] - Provide API documentation for scala components within the distribution
  • [ISPN-2637] - Supporting rolling upgrades of a live REST cluster
  • [ISPN-3018] - Implement a REST cache store which supports Rolling Upgrades
  • [ISPN-3200] - Allow KeyFilters to be applied to listeners
  • [ISPN-3201] - Allow listeners to be invoked only by a primary data owner
  • [ISPN-3350] - The server RHQ plugin should allow adding/removing caches, stores and endpoints
  • [ISPN-3425] - Add support for strictPeerToPeer attribute to the server distribution
  • [ISPN-3444] - Server support for LevelDB cache store
  • [ISPN-3459] - Add support for Cache-Control http header to REST server


  • [ISPN-2013] - Using explicit "unlock" causes TimeoutException for other Threads
  • [ISPN-2264] - DistL1WriteSkewTest.testSharedCounter failing randomly
  • [ISPN-2913] - putForExternalRead leaves locks
  • [ISPN-3346] - not serializable
  • [ISPN-3359] - Javadoc not correctly rendered
  • [ISPN-3389] - Forwarded transactions can remain stale after state transfer
  • [ISPN-3405] - Entries are passivated with wrong ID in DB
  • [ISPN-3417] - Typo in EquivalentConcurrentHashMapV8
  • [ISPN-3419] - Write Skew check must be performed only in the primary owner
  • [ISPN-3428] - MemcachedTypeConverter does not work in clustered mode with non-bytearray data
  • [ISPN-3430] - Different CacheEntryEvents fired in library mode and compatibility mode
  • [ISPN-3433] - Versioned L1 values don't expire
  • [ISPN-3434] - DistTotalOrderL1WriteSkewTest test doesn't run with L1 enabled
  • [ISPN-3436] - Not working RemoteManager.getBulk() and keySet() in compatibility mode
  • [ISPN-3439] - EHCache2InfinispanTransformerTest is failing randomly
  • [ISPN-3442] - Query API DSL returns bad result on calling negated between() with includeUpper/Lower(false)
  • [ISPN-3456] - REST server should return 404 when attempting to remove a non-existent entry


  • [ISPN-3176] - Add tests for compatibility mode to server
  • [ISPN-3290] - Redesign CacheStore API
  • [ISPN-3458] - HotRod rolling upgrade target migrator should live in the Remote Store
  • [ISPN-3463] - Ensure persistent data removal before or after the test
  • [ISPN-3464] - Remove optional dependency in infinispan-query
  • [ISPN-3472] - Add all modules required by remote query to Infinispan Server
  • [ISPN-3475] - Split remote-query module into separate client and server modules
  • [ISPN-3476] - Remove dependecy to 'protoc' tool


  • [ISPN-3435] - Enable tests for RemoteCache.getBulk() and keySet()

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