Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.3.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-31] - JPA based cache store
  • [ISPN-2772] - Implement REPLICATED mode as a degenerated DISTRIBUTED mode (nowOwners>=clusterSize)
  • [ISPN-2809] - Drop and use JDG harness to launch Infinispan servers
  • [ISPN-3067] - Implement a sensible function for comparing byte arrays
  • [ISPN-3115] - Expose WebSocket endpoint's statistics and properties via JMX
  • [ISPN-3143] - Cannot store custom objects via HotRod and read via REST


  • [ISPN-2896] - org.infinispan.lucene.DirectoryOnMultipleCachesTest.verifyIntendedLockCachesUsage fails randomly
  • [ISPN-2951] - Caches are not removed from JMX after cacheManager.removeCache()
  • [ISPN-3031] - Forked module builds ignore log4j.configuration passed on the command line
  • [ISPN-3092] - AutoNodeSelector throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when indexName is long
  • [ISPN-3094] - Cache.putForExternalRead in DIST transactional mode is not replicated to other members
  • [ISPN-3095] - Cache.replace() succeeds on originator but fails randomly on remote owners during state transfer in DIST mode with pessimistic locking
  • [ISPN-3114] - Cache.putForExternalRead leads to ClassCastException in clustered pessimistic mode
  • [ISPN-3120] - StateConsumerImpl can ignore state received during a rebalance
  • [ISPN-3121] - Server schema is missing name attribute on protocol connectors
  • [ISPN-3122] - ByteArrayEquivalence cannot be configured easily via XML configuration
  • [ISPN-3129] - If the status recovery fails for a cache, it stops recovery for all the caches
  • [ISPN-3130] - Cancelling an InboundTransferTask should be idempotent
  • [ISPN-3131] - Calling forget() when not in a recovery-enabled cache should not throw a NPE
  • [ISPN-3133] - AsyncAPINonTxSyncDistTest and AsyncAPINonTxAsyncDistTest are mistakenly executed in REPL mode
  • [ISPN-3136] - Argument type mismatch in RHQ for Amend XSite operations
  • [ISPN-3138] - DefaultTimeServiceTest fails intermittently
  • [ISPN-3141] - Conditional commands with Flag.IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES cause NPEs
  • [ISPN-3145] - DataRehashedEventTest intermittent failures
  • [ISPN-3148] - BackupReceiver survives cache shutdown for implicit backups
  • [ISPN-3149] - Unexpected reporting of no live owners


  • [ISPN-2833] - Add new tests for testing Lucene v3 & v4 as well increasing code coverage.
  • [ISPN-2870] - Add CI run with JDK 7
  • [ISPN-2922] - Format configuration stylesheets for easier documentation

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-3080] - upgrade to JGroups 3.3.0.Final
  • [ISPN-3134] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 4.3.0.Beta1


  • [ISPN-3108] - Server endpoint compatibility enhancements
  • [ISPN-3116] - Allow specifying the cache used by the memcached server
  • [ISPN-3132] - Remove method

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