Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.3.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-907] - SSL access to Hot Rod
  • [ISPN-2848] - Use the new bundling mechanism from JGroups 3.3.0
  • [ISPN-2984] - Introduce configuration builders for Servers
  • [ISPN-2985] - HotRod endpoint SSL support
  • [ISPN-3020] - FileCacheStoreTest intermittent failure
  • [ISPN-3022] - Make CHMv8 the default CHM implementation when not running in Java8
  • [ISPN-3030] - Implement a way to retrieve all keys from a REST endpoint


  • [ISPN-1876] - clustered query is not executed on the right cache
  • [ISPN-2173] - NPE when using XA enlistment without recovery
  • [ISPN-2549] - Invalidation mode caches with pessimistic transactions results in stale remote locks
  • [ISPN-2589] - NPE in InvalidateL1Command
  • [ISPN-2609] - Infinispan SpringCache throws java.lang.NullPointerException: Null values are not supported!
  • [ISPN-2713] - REBALANCE_START and REBALANCE_CONFIRM commands deadlock when RSVP.ack_on_delivery=true
  • [ISPN-2831] - NPE in DistributedSegmentReadLocker
  • [ISPN-2934] - Make the server RHQ plugin compatible with the one delivered with JDG 6.0.x
  • [ISPN-2974] - DeltaAware based fine-grained replication corrupts cache data, if eviction is enabled
  • [ISPN-2988] - Invalid Transport.isCoordinator() usages in ClusteredActivationInterceptor and ClusteredCacheLoaderInterceptor in REPL mode
  • [ISPN-3001] - DeltaAwareCacheEntry.getLifespan() and getMaxIdle() return 0 and cause instant expiration
  • [ISPN-3006] - Oracle: TableManipulation.tableExists fails, when user has extended permissions
  • [ISPN-3011] - NullPointerException when creating JCacheManager instances with named caches
  • [ISPN-3012] - If EntryProcessor implementations for invokeProcessor() throw exceptions, changes should be reverted
  • [ISPN-3014] - Wrong schema (xsd) for total order configuration
  • [ISPN-3021] - NodeReplicatedMoveTest fails persistently
  • [ISPN-3024] - Removed entry not seen correctly within transaction's scope
  • [ISPN-3031] - Forked module builds ignore log4j.configuration passed on the command line
  • [ISPN-3033] - Lucene index stored in a StringBased CacheStore can get an unaligned bufferSize
  • [ISPN-3038] - jcache module pom should honor skipTests property
  • [ISPN-3040] - Infinispan Common Parent POM doesn't follow its schema
  • [ISPN-3049] - First remote transactional remote backup call fails
  • [ISPN-3059] - x-site's takeoffline functionality doesn't work correctly when using 1PC replication between sites
  • [ISPN-3068] - Server CLI should use new JBoss Remoting module
  • [ISPN-3072] - Infinispan server extension should use a custom equivalence class for keys/values


  • [ISPN-2912] - Drop server-compatibility configuration parser
  • [ISPN-3007] - Modify endpoint subsystem to use server configuration builders
  • [ISPN-3015] - Add tests to cover more types of queries
  • [ISPN-3017] - Add tests for queries with FSDirectory
  • [ISPN-3041] - Verify Query tuning parameters are applied
  • [ISPN-3044] - Add missing server schema files

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-3009] - Upgrade to surefire 2.14 and fork the test suite (one process per module)
  • [ISPN-3026] - Upgrade Query to Hibernate Search 4.3.0.Alpha1
  • [ISPN-3042] - Rebase AS integration modules against EAP 6.1
  • [ISPN-3052] - Upgrade aesh to 0.33.1
  • [ISPN-3060] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.3.0.CR2


  • [ISPN-2159] - Server start scripts should provide an option to start a node without a server endpoint
  • [ISPN-2924] - Update ConcurrentHashMapV8 and dependant classes
  • [ISPN-3016] - Enhance REST headers
  • [ISPN-3034] - Query should also filter out nulls when retrieving results through CacheQuery.iterator()
  • [ISPN-3043] - Make the sync RPCs over the bridge use the OOB thread pool
  • [ISPN-3054] - Add ability to customize the creation of Work instances in QueryInterceptor
  • [ISPN-3071] - DefaultTwoWayKey2StringMapper should support native byte[] keys

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