Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.2.0.Beta3 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-1359] - SetExternalizer Cannot Properly Handle TreeSets Constructed With Comparator
  • [ISPN-2033] - JdbcBinaryCacheStore.purgeInternal() - releaseConnection() should be called in finally block.
  • [ISPN-2081] - Transaction leak caused by reordering between prepare and rollback
  • [ISPN-2291] - Tx rollback during state transfer has stale locks
  • [ISPN-2297] - Cache restart doesn't work properly
  • [ISPN-2330] - JBossMarshaller uses wrong class resolver after stop/start
  • [ISPN-2381] - Locks are removed even if not successfully unlocked
  • [ISPN-2396] - For failing injected transactions, the rollback is incorrectly invoked
  • [ISPN-2398] - StaleTransactionCleanupService doesn't unlock keys correctly for optimistic caches
  • [ISPN-2400] - ReceiveBufferSize has no effect in WebSocketServer
  • [ISPN-2403] - GridFS: incorrect close method for Input/Output streams
  • [ISPN-2417] - Topology check in LocalTransaction.getCommitNodes() is wrong
  • [ISPN-2429] - Cache restart still doesn't work properly for query-enabled caches
  • [ISPN-2430] - Two instances of InterceptorChain instantiated for a single cache
  • [ISPN-2437] - Hash "factory" element produces CastClassException
  • [ISPN-2440] - JGroupsTransport.invokeRemotely can throw SuspectExceptions even in SYNCHRONOUS_IGNORE_LEAVERS mode
  • [ISPN-2448] - Queries with offset are broken for iteration


  • [ISPN-1042] - Enable distributed and Map/Reduce task interruption/cancellation
  • [ISPN-2176] - Test LocalKeyAffinityServiceTest.testFilteredSingleKey fail randomly
  • [ISPN-2318] - Reimplement a Topology-Aware Consistent Hash
  • [ISPN-2387] - ClusteredGetCommand should not be a VisitableCommand
  • [ISPN-2389] - Replace usage of @deprecated WebSocket code
  • [ISPN-2422] - Update to Hibernate Search 4.2.0.Beta2
  • [ISPN-2424] - Fix failing test: EntryActivatingTest
  • [ISPN-2433] - Produce source jars for test jars
  • [ISPN-2447] - Upgrade to Netty 3.5.9.Final
  • [ISPN-2450] - Testsuite hanging because of parallel execution and TestNG bug

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-2369] - CLI improvements
  • [ISPN-2379] - BoundedConcurrentHashMap improvements
  • [ISPN-2390] - CLI connector should support JMX over Remoting
  • [ISPN-2412] - The CLI should allow setting the default cache
  • [ISPN-2413] - RHQ plugin improvements
  • [ISPN-2414] - Optimise memory hotspots for local caches
  • [ISPN-2416] - EntryActivatingTest fails due to entity not serializable
  • [ISPN-2434] - Provide a 5.1.x backwards compatible constructor for ConfigurationBuilderHolder
  • [ISPN-2436] - Map/reduce commands are executed in serial on first and second Infinispan nodes
  • [ISPN-2452] - Module POMs should use dependency versions from parent POM
  • [ISPN-2455] - CDI extension tests failing after upgrading to TestNG 6.7

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