Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.2.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-2268] - Migrate deprecated configuration API in infinispan-client-hotrod
  • [ISPN-2271] - Migrate deprecated configuration API in tests infinispan-spring


  • [ISPN-2114] - MinViewIdCalculusTest.testMinViewId1 and LockOwnerCrashPessimisticTest randomly failing with rehashing issues
  • [ISPN-2142] - APPLY_STATE in StateTransferControlCommand uses an InvocationContext having local=true
  • [ISPN-2179] - Incompatible licensed GPL library org.rhq.helpers:rhq-pluginAnnotations used as a dependency
  • [ISPN-2248] - Intermittent test failure: org.infinispan.query.distributed.MultiNodeReplicatedTest
  • [ISPN-2296] - Queries are ignoring Projection option
  • [ISPN-2303] - GroupsChFunctionalTest.testRehash fails randomly
  • [ISPN-2311] - Loader configuration builder is not entirely fluent
  • [ISPN-2312] - TransactionTable does not compute minViewId correctly after NBST was introduced
  • [ISPN-2316] - Distributed deadlock in StateTransferInterceptor
  • [ISPN-2325] - Fix JMX issues introduced by automatic MBean registration
  • [ISPN-2329] - TableManipulation.getDatabasetype does not release used connections
  • [ISPN-2337] - Review API for Query result iterators
  • [ISPN-2338] - Transactions should be transferred during rehashing regardless of fetchInMemoryState or isFetchPersistentState being false
  • [ISPN-2340] - AsyncStore.remove() load the bucket from store inducing performance problem
  • [ISPN-2349] - If the coordinator leaves while rebalancing is in progress, the new coordinator doesn't finish rebalancing
  • [ISPN-2356] - xsite replication: only the first site replication eror is reported
  • [ISPN-2358] - TestingUtil.waitForRehashToComplete returns too soon and causes random test failures
  • [ISPN-2361] - AbstractTxLockingInterceptor.lockKeyAndCheckOwnership() anomalies: can wait indefinitelly or it can wait too little due to spurious wakeups
  • [ISPN-2364] - Store fluency changes break some stores


  • [ISPN-1284] - Use synchronizations as a default transactional mode rather than XA
  • [ISPN-1313] - Distributed execution timeout should not be linked to replication timeout
  • [ISPN-1513] - Enhance distributed executor framework to be more topology aware
  • [ISPN-1524] - Make configuration of cache stores fluent
  • [ISPN-2286] - Provide pluggable fail over policy interface for distributed executors
  • [ISPN-2287] - Introduce DistributedTask abstraction enhancement for distributed executors
  • [ISPN-2293] - New async store implementation with stress test
  • [ISPN-2313] - Implement a default Query transformer for UUIDs
  • [ISPN-2319] - Add ability to take a site offline into x-site implementation
  • [ISPN-2327] - NPE in error log during shutdown of nodes with REPL caches
  • [ISPN-2332] - Update xsite configuration file
  • [ISPN-2333] - StateTransferInterceptor.handleTopologyAffectedCommand should be invoked for all TopologyAffectedCommands
  • [ISPN-2339] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.2.0.Alpha2
  • [ISPN-2343] - Exception thrown to user from xsite ROC when failurePolicy is set to WARN
  • [ISPN-2345] - Add the ability to dump the entire key set of a node under a well-known key, via JMX
  • [ISPN-2346] - Create a RollingUpgradeSynchronizer to move data from an old cluster to a new one
  • [ISPN-2350] - MultiNodeDistributedTest fails because InfinispanCommandsBackend.getPrimaryNodeAddress() does not honor CH updates
  • [ISPN-2357] - New coordinator installs old CH containing crashed members

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