Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.2.0.Alpha3 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-686] - JdbcStringBasedCacheStore loads previous data from store before an insert
  • [ISPN-2094] - New Configuration Changes do not work properly for multi file overrides
  • [ISPN-2155] - JDBC cache store should quote generated table name
  • [ISPN-2164] - Return value of Cache.remove(key) not consistent in transactional context
  • [ISPN-2167] - TestObjectStreamMarshaller doesn't use offset and size arguments
  • [ISPN-2169] - script uses an incorrect classpath
  • [ISPN-2171] - Using of SKIP_CACHE_STATUS_CHECK affects nothing
  • [ISPN-2182] - Some DefaultCacheManager constructors still performing legacy configuration adaptation
  • [ISPN-2187] - Pre-Invocation flag PUT_FOR_EXTERNAL_READ throws exception
  • [ISPN-2188] - Avoid a comparison on null key during lookup in the transaction context
  • [ISPN-2193] - MarshalledValue fails to compare the correct buffer region of ExpandableMarshalledValueByteStream instances having an estimated buffer size
  • [ISPN-2197] - Cache view instalation takes too long
  • [ISPN-2206] - Query returns nulls if cache entries were removed and transaction is still not commited
  • [ISPN-2212] - AtomicMap contents not replicated with replication queue
  • [ISPN-2217] - Further CacheStore tests need purgeSynchronously
  • [ISPN-2219] - Backwards incompatible configuration change in transaction manager lookup
  • [ISPN-2220] - Configuration overrides on already defined configs are not working
  • [ISPN-2231] - SyncReplTest#testMixingSyncAndAsyncOnSameTransport() looks to be broken
  • [ISPN-2232] - Cache::re-start doesn't setup CommandInitializer in ComponentRegistry when used with Query


  • [ISPN-2063] - Remove workaround to handle null commands when channel stops before cache manager
  • [ISPN-2175] - Test methods in org.infinispan.loaders.jdbc.binary.JdbcBinaryCacheStoreVamTest fail randomly: assertNoLocksHeld
  • [ISPN-2190] - Add test to differentiate between TOTAL_NR_OF_ENTRIES and CURRENT_NR_OF_ENTRIES statistics
  • [ISPN-2196] - Create a testcase for ISPN-2193
  • [ISPN-2211] - Tests for read-only store
  • [ISPN-2228] - Upgrade configuration converters to 5.2 schema

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-2146] - Switch to maven-surefire-plugin ver. 2.12.2 in order to fix surefire bug SUREFIRE-879
  • [ISPN-2208] - Upgrade to latest JBoss Marshalling 1.3.x
  • [ISPN-2239] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.2.0.Alpha1


  • [ISPN-1424] - Implement non-blocking state transfer again on top of push-based state transfer
  • [ISPN-1978] - Support configuration parsers in modules
  • [ISPN-2057] - Allow storage of Lucene indexes in an indexed cache
  • [ISPN-2066] - Simplify configuration of an Infinispan backend in the Hibernate Search engine of Infinispan Query
  • [ISPN-2087] - Listen for state transfer events to keep indexes in sync with datacontainers
  • [ISPN-2144] - Automatic election & configuration of Master indexing node for each index
  • [ISPN-2158] - GridInputStream: implement available and skip methods
  • [ISPN-2194] - Avoid adapter wrapping by implementing JBoss Marshaller's own ByteOutput in our ByteStream implementations
  • [ISPN-2195] - Avoid unneeded volatile read in MarshalledValue hotspot
  • [ISPN-2199] - Create a IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES flag
  • [ISPN-2200] - Make ClusterCacheLoader configurable via new configuration API
  • [ISPN-2210] - Rework configuration builders for stores and loaders
  • [ISPN-2213] - Query timeout support
  • [ISPN-2215] - Ping on startup still ignored
  • [ISPN-2221] - Configuration builders and parsers for JDBC Cache Store

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