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Feature Request

  • [ISPN-2067] - The ConsistentHash implementation on the hotrod client is very inefficient
  • [ISPN-2071] - Reduce contention on Hotrod cleint's TcpTransportFactory


  • [ISPN-1964] - Preloading from store lead to doubled keys in full distributed environment
  • [ISPN-1969] - Nullpointer Exception when NON_TRANSACTIONAL caching
  • [ISPN-1995] - Uneven request balancing after node restore
  • [ISPN-2025] - NPE in Externalizer on shutdown
  • [ISPN-2027] - JGroups config files should point to the correct XSD
  • [ISPN-2036] - IllegalArgumentException during TreeCache instantiation
  • [ISPN-2047] - NotSerializableException during PUT with replication async mode
  • [ISPN-2052] - Removing non-existent keys with force return previous value fails with Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-2053] - Memcached server occasionally does not consume CR/LF after data block
  • [ISPN-2060] - Versioning configuration not read when cache configuration is retrieved
  • [ISPN-2068] - PurgeInternal operation in Cassandra cache store might lead to out of memory
  • [ISPN-2072] - After a write skew check failure applications can't rollback
  • [ISPN-2073] - Confused Logging messages id ranges
  • [ISPN-2074] - The consistent hash in the java Hotrod client is buggy
  • [ISPN-2075] - WriteSkewCheck failures when an AtomicMap is removed in the same transaction in which it was created
  • [ISPN-2076] - Detected write skew errors are logged as ERROR
  • [ISPN-2077] - Conflicting transactions are not properly aborted on non-transactional caches that use batching (DummyTransaction)
  • [ISPN-2078] - Method Node.getParent() javadoc is misleading


  • [ISPN-1015] - Optimize HotRod client to match Memcached performance

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-2015] - Upgrade to Netty 3.4.5
  • [ISPN-2045] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.10
  • [ISPN-2048] - Update JBoss LogTool to get flawless M2E integration
  • [ISPN-2070] - Upgrade to a Netty version that fixes a problem with cumulable buffer


  • [ISPN-2062] - CrashedMemberDetectorListener should check whether invocations are allowed

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