Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.3.FINAL - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1367] - Make JBoss Marshalling class resolver configurable
  • [ISPN-1907] - Enhance to bubble up exceptions that occur during instantiation/wiring of cache loader defined in xml


  • [ISPN-1897] - Error while deleting a key with application/x-java-serialized-object value via REST
  • [ISPN-1898] - Persistent state transfer and purge on startup warning should not be produced for cache loaders only (not store)
  • [ISPN-1899] - Misleading error message when configuration file is not found
  • [ISPN-1900] - MarshalledValue NPE when unmarshalling preloaded data
  • [ISPN-1902] - Cache loader "class" attribute should be xsd:string
  • [ISPN-1908] - Invalid CacheStore content when using DIST_SYNC + shared CacheStore and Transactions
  • [ISPN-1909] - FileCacheStore does not work correctly with NFS
  • [ISPN-1910] - State transfer should not force all invocations to be synchronous
  • [ISPN-1911] - TestNameVerifier test class in tools submodule should use File.separator in order to work on Windows
  • [ISPN-1912] - testTwoPhaseCommit failing for FileCacheStore on Windows
  • [ISPN-1913] - TransactionTable warning very verbose
  • [ISPN-1915] - Memory leak in L1 manager
  • [ISPN-1917] - Broken code on "Getting Started Guide"
  • [ISPN-1919] - L1ConfigurationBuilder should disable onRehash when disabling L1
  • [ISPN-1920] - Improved JavaDoc (document @deprecated) in org.infinispan.config.GlobalConfiguration
  • [ISPN-1922] - New configuration API bug hiding a NPE in VersionedEntryWrappingInterceptor
  • [ISPN-1923] - Versioning not overriden properly in old configuration
  • [ISPN-1926] - ExternalizerTable still noisy when being shutdown
  • [ISPN-1929] - No retry on SuspectedException in Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-1931] - The command retry mechanism in StateTransferLockInterceptor doesn't work properly if a target node died
  • [ISPN-1932] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.8.FINAL
  • [ISPN-1936] - FileCacheStore does not seem to close open files
  • [ISPN-1937] - Infinispan CDI jars not included in distribution
  • [ISPN-1938] - Do not validate default configuration each time named configuration is parsed
  • [ISPN-1941] - Write skew in LOCAL mode broken
  • [ISPN-1942] - State transfer timeout confusion
  • [ISPN-1945] - TransactionsSpanningReplicatedCachesTest should wait for cluster formation
  • [ISPN-1946] - Broken jGroups XML for TCPPING


  • [ISPN-1901] - Use different multicast settings for MPING and UDP
  • [ISPN-1906] - Use recent test frameworks (TestNG + Surefire)
  • [ISPN-1918] - Benchmark UNICAST vs UNICAST2 vs NAKACK2 with JGroups 3.0.x
  • [ISPN-1950] - DefaultDataContainer::entries could be exposed to sub classes

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-1904] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.7
  • [ISPN-1927] - Update to Hibernate Search 4.1.0.CR2
  • [ISPN-1939] - Update JBoss Logging and Processor tool to 3.1.0.GA, 1.0.1.Final


  • [ISPN-1837] - Add support for configuration file based configuration override
  • [ISPN-1879] - Update UNICAST to UNICAST2 and add RSVP message flag to state transfer RPCs
  • [ISPN-1914] - Add hints for when File.listFiles() returns null
  • [ISPN-1921] - Non-existent JGroups config file gives unclear exception
  • [ISPN-1943] - Improving standalone Memcached performance

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