Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.0.CR4 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-1672] - Upgrade to Solder 3.1.0.Final
  • [ISPN-1703] - Upgrade to latest JBoss Marshalling 1.3 bug fix release
  • [ISPN-1715] - Upgrade Jackson to 1.9.2


  • [ISPN-1581] - Improve resiliency of retrying commits on state transfer
  • [ISPN-1720] - Safer lock release in InterceptorChain
  • [ISPN-1724] - Reduce amount of operations reading the current time unnecessarily
  • [ISPN-1725] - Improve performance of GroupManagerImpl#getMetadata
  • [ISPN-1726] - Improve batching and transactional performance after profiling

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1189] - config schema - clustering mode should validate format of the string
  • [ISPN-1632] - Add XML documentation generation from XSD
  • [ISPN-1709] - use a lighter XID than DummyXID when Synchronisation is used for transaction enlistment
  • [ISPN-1710] - Use Synchronization enlistment (rather than XAResource) with BatchModeTransactionManager
  • [ISPN-1733] - UnsafeConfiguration.unreliableReturnValues missing javadoc and xsddoc
  • [ISPN-1734] - HashConfiguration - rehashWait missing javadoc and xsd doc
  • [ISPN-1735] - StoreAsBinary - all properties missing configuration (javadoc and xsddoc)


  • [ISPN-1318] - replaceWithVersionAsync on RemoteCache (HotRod) fails to set lifespan of cache entries
  • [ISPN-1341] - Should document that FIFO as an eviction policy is deprecated
  • [ISPN-1658] - RPCs invoked with SYNCRONOUS_IGNORE_LEAVERS taking too long if one of the targets had already left
  • [ISPN-1662] - CacheViewsManager should call the cache view listener's commitView() method committing the view
  • [ISPN-1673] - Document that max entries specified is best effort and not 100% accurate
  • [ISPN-1687] - The method StoreAsBinaryConfigurationBuilder.disable() sets the wrong value
  • [ISPN-1689] - DefaultCacheManager.getDefaultCacheConfiguration() gives a wrong value for the consistent hash when it is not set
  • [ISPN-1699] - Transactions: Unexpected attribute 'use1PcForAutoCommitTransactions' encountered
  • [ISPN-1700] - TransportConfigurationBuilder.strictPeerToPeer should be false by default
  • [ISPN-1701] - EmbeddedCacheManager.getCacheManagerConfiguration() fails if the transport is null
  • [ISPN-1705] - DummyXid should use a better implementation for generating branch and transaction identifiers
  • [ISPN-1706] - Cannot disable the L1 Cache in some special cases
  • [ISPN-1707] - Documentation of Distributed Data Stream Processing Framework feature that doesn't appear to be present in actual application
  • [ISPN-1711] - NPE when configuring externalizers via XML
  • [ISPN-1712] - Eviction scheduled executor properties not set correctly
  • [ISPN-1713] - Async replication queue not being enabled with new configuration
  • [ISPN-1714] - Store as binary wrongly enabled
  • [ISPN-1716] - File cache store not configuring purger threads
  • [ISPN-1717] - Custom interceptors without after or before throw ClassNotFoundException
  • [ISPN-1721] - StateTransferLockImpl might wait on already happened condition
  • [ISPN-1722] - Logged messages occasionally use platform specific line terminators
  • [ISPN-1723] - External component loaders fail to close jars and metadata streams


  • [ISPN-1120] - Wiki for putForExternalRead usage
  • [ISPN-1475] - Clean up state transfer and rehashing configuration options
  • [ISPN-1608] - Update Infinispan sample module
  • [ISPN-1650] - Sample configurations to be updated to reflect new transaction options
  • [ISPN-1708] - Sort out XML parsing testing
  • [ISPN-1730] - Remove unused TransactionLog and corresponding support classes

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