Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.0.CR2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1565] - Allow configuration of Hot Rod client connection timeout
  • [ISPN-1566] - Add read() methods to ConfigurationBuilder to allow configuration duplication
  • [ISPN-1589] - Add ability to provide input keys to DistributedExecutionCompletionService.
  • [ISPN-1642] - Cache loading on remote nodes can be optimised away in certain conditions


  • [ISPN-1320] - indexing properties defined for <namedCache/> in xml are ignored therefore indexes are always persistent
  • [ISPN-1399] - Jandex index file containing old removed classes
  • [ISPN-1438] - AnnotatedMethodCache.getCachedMethods() returns duplicates
  • [ISPN-1443] - configurationAsXmlString unavailable via JMX
  • [ISPN-1503] - Invocation batching with transaction mode NON_TRANSACTIONAL should not be allowed.
  • [ISPN-1519] - Stale locks on adding a new node to a cluster
  • [ISPN-1556] - An operation that fails but it's silent shouldn't abort the transaction internally
  • [ISPN-1562] - Alternative needed for Cache.getConfiguration()
  • [ISPN-1595] - Transactions not being cleared from transaction table when using REPL and recovery
  • [ISPN-1597] - Jdbc binary cache store throwing conversion error when working with PostgreSQL
  • [ISPN-1598] - Fix misspellings in new Configuration API
  • [ISPN-1601] - 5.1.0.CR1 gui demo is broken
  • [ISPN-1603] - NPE on ViewChangedEvent
  • [ISPN-1606] - Data inconsistencies when a cache view installation is rolled back
  • [ISPN-1609] - A put with FAIL_SILENT which fails should not be allowed to retain the value in the transaction ctx
  • [ISPN-1611] - Hotrod server memory leak after enable idle timeout
  • [ISPN-1618] - Cannot use a provided JChannel if its address is not topology aware and we need it
  • [ISPN-1619] - RemoteCacheStore should create a RemoteCacheManager with an appropriate ClassLoader
  • [ISPN-1620] - A remote get acquired a local lock for the key before writing it to L1 and never releases it
  • [ISPN-1622] - getDefaultCacheConfiguration not defined in the EmbeddedCacheManager interface
  • [ISPN-1623] - Wrong configuration overrides behavior with the new configuration mechanism
  • [ISPN-1626] - New ComponentMetadataRepo should use proper ClassLoader for finding *.dat files
  • [ISPN-1629] - REST server test suite should use 5.1 namespace
  • [ISPN-1630] - KeyAffinityService's topology change listener can hang state transfer/cache view installation
  • [ISPN-1635] - Retrying prepares results in NPEs when using repeatable read and write skew checks
  • [ISPN-1639] - DecoratedCache should be immutable and threadsafe
  • [ISPN-1640] - Installing a merged cache view takes too long
  • [ISPN-1641] - Make JDBC configuration work post parser upgrade


  • [ISPN-1123] - Stabilise test suite
  • [ISPN-1544] - Use the new Configuration mechanism
  • [ISPN-1596] - Fix test SimpleDataContainerTest
  • [ISPN-1607] - Enable the PMD reports build plugin
  • [ISPN-1624] - Importing project in Eclipse fails for missing m2 exclusions
  • [ISPN-1628] - Fixes for new configuration parser related to Query configuration reads
  • [ISPN-1633] - InterceptorChain should not emit warning for custom interceptors that have appropriate metadata processed
  • [ISPN-1643] - Upgrade all XML files to use 5.1 schema

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-1065] - Use a better mechanism to parse config files
  • [ISPN-1455] - Use ServiceLoader to load module command and lifecycle extension classes
  • [ISPN-1612] - Make Hot Rod client and server codecs use proper log instances
  • [ISPN-1614] - lock() is under javadoc'ed
  • [ISPN-1615] - Make putForExternalRead() be non-transactional even for transactional caches
  • [ISPN-1638] - Return values should only be serialized if needed when using Distribution

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