Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.0.BETA5 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1132] - Reorder lock acquisition to avoid deadlocks
  • [ISPN-1397] - Optimise thread local usage in Infinispan
  • [ISPN-1430] - AdvancedCache.addInterceptor() methods don't provide success/failure feedback
  • [ISPN-1512] - Optimisation: reduce the number of RPCs when using pessimistic locking
  • [ISPN-1538] - Replace current Java Configuration Model with clean POJO based system and replace fluent api with builders


  • [ISPN-1485] - Fail to create new file with GridFile
  • [ISPN-1498] - DistributedStateTransferManagerImpl doesn't export it's JMX operations and attributes
  • [ISPN-1508] - Failures during hotrod server cluster formation
  • [ISPN-1514] - Protect against InputStream providers that do not implement available()
  • [ISPN-1516] - Fix demo paths
  • [ISPN-1520] - IllegalAccessError when running Infinispan servers within AS7
  • [ISPN-1521] - Forget rhq-pluginAnnotations dependency in infinispan-core
  • [ISPN-1525] - Different transactions using same dummy XIDs
  • [ISPN-1527] - Remote transactions are not being removed
  • [ISPN-1529] - autoCommit not configurable via XML
  • [ISPN-1531] - Classes refactored from -commons to -api still showing up (duplicates) in binary JARs of -commons
  • [ISPN-1532] - GlobalComponentRegistry should use the classloader in GlobalConfiguration for loading moduleproperties


  • [ISPN-1536] - Upgrade JBoss Logging dependencies to 3.1.0.CR1

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-1364] - Allow use of CacheContainer interface for cache manager configuration
  • [ISPN-1526] - make DefaultCacheManager.getTransport(); public
  • [ISPN-1530] - Represent byte arrays in hex format when logging

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