Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.0.BETA3 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-1483] - Stale locks with eager/pessimistic locking after the prepare command fails on a remote node
  • [ISPN-1484] - The commit command can fail on the originator with a RehashInProgressException and not release the key locks

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1115] - Fine-grained AtomicMaps
  • [ISPN-1467] - REST server classes should be made available in separate artifact


  • [ISPN-1343] - Stale locks occurring on rehashing into a running cluster.
  • [ISPN-1465] - CommandAwareRpcDispatcher message handling doesn't handle buffer offset correctly
  • [ISPN-1468] - Update Spring Integration to the 3.1.0.CR1 API
  • [ISPN-1469] - CacheException: "Unexpected response object type from x: null" error in the testsuite logs
  • [ISPN-1471] - Logging messages fail validation: wrong or incompatible parameters
  • [ISPN-1472] - Investigate halts due to TransactionsSpanningReplicatedCachesTest failures
  • [ISPN-1476] - Hot Rod client consistent hash calculations broken
  • [ISPN-1477] - KeyTransformationHandler should use proper CL to load key's class
  • [ISPN-1478] - getAdvancedCache and getClassLoader ignore the assigned ClassLoader
  • [ISPN-1480] - Integrate fixes for LOGTOOL-34 and LOGTOOL-34
  • [ISPN-1487] - Configured classloader ignored
  • [ISPN-1493] - Write commands fail too often with RehashInProgressException during state transfer


  • [ISPN-1252] - Clearly document the fact asymmetric clusters are not supported
  • [ISPN-1436] - Provide some logging in the CDI integration module
  • [ISPN-1481] - Remove warning about not supporting asymmetric clusters
  • [ISPN-1482] - Define version of exec-maven-plugin in pluginManagement

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-1489] - Upgrade to Seam Solder 3.1.0.Beta4


  • [ISPN-1404] - Make hash id seed for a node's position in the hash wheel configurable
  • [ISPN-1408] - Reduce Hot Rod topology information memory consumption
  • [ISPN-1458] - Allow to explicitly register a key transformer in KeyTransformationHandler
  • [ISPN-1460] - Use System.nanoTime() instead of System.currentTimeMillis() in JMX stats collection
  • [ISPN-1479] - CacheRemoveAllInterceptorTest log errors without failing the test
  • [ISPN-1486] - Upgrade JBoss Logging dependencies to 3.1.0.Beta3

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