Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.0.0.ALPHA3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-271] - Expose global information in RpcManagerImpl via CacheManager
  • [ISPN-293] - implement asynchronous get method getAsync()
  • [ISPN-362] - allow pluggable data container in infinispan
  • [ISPN-865] - Use JGroups' NotifyingFuture when performing remote GETs
  • [ISPN-891] - Generated schema uses xs:sequence even if not semantically required
  • [ISPN-892] - Stabilise core's test suite
  • [ISPN-900] - RemoteCache should implement size() and isEmpty()
  • [ISPN-906] - Ability to delete AtomicMaps using AtomicMapLookup
  • [ISPN-910] - Create a JBoss MBeanServer lookup implementation


  • [ISPN-847] - Eviction with strategy but no maxEntries does not make sense
  • [ISPN-883] - Configuration.setTransactionManagerLookup() is ignored
  • [ISPN-884] - @Merged notification does not work
  • [ISPN-885] - Murmurhash3.hash(long[]) infinitely recurses because its static
  • [ISPN-890] - NullPointerException when merging views
  • [ISPN-895] - MissingFormatArgumentException during mbean registration
  • [ISPN-896] - ReplicationQueueImpl shuts down shared component (a scheduled executor) when stopped
  • [ISPN-901] - When activating an entry, don't remove from cachestore if cachestore is shared
  • [ISPN-903] - CacheStore throws a NPE when preparing a transaction which includes a key it doesn't own
  • [ISPN-908] - ClassCastException at high load
  • [ISPN-912] - Transactional replace calls maybe not propagated to cache store
  • [ISPN-914] - RehashTask should not block on invalidating migrated entries
  • [ISPN-915] - Cache.stop() should wait for on-going txs to finish
  • [ISPN-919] - IllegalMonitorStateException on lock release
  • [ISPN-922] - Flags not being sent along with RpcCommands fail to affect remote InvocationContext
  • [ISPN-925] - race condition in DistributionManagerImpl
  • [ISPN-935] - Make VersionAwareMarshallerTest.testErrorUnmarshalling less vulnerable


  • [ISPN-856] - Fix compatibility issues of Query module with Lucene 3 and Hibernate Search 3.3.0
  • [ISPN-913] - Cache store modification types Prepare and Commit and related classes should be removed
  • [ISPN-929] - All example/demos should have JMX stats enabled
  • [ISPN-933] - Centralize all usages of System.identityHashCode()

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-889] - Remove JBoss Common Core dependency
  • [ISPN-894] - Upgrade to JGroups 2.12.0.CR1

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