Release Notes - Tattletale - Version 1.2.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [TTALE-173] - Change yellow color to orange on main page of report, yellow is badly readable

Feature Request

  • [TTALE-172] - Add support for file sizes in main page
  • [TTALE-176] - Ability to add reports to tattletale execution without recompiling Main class
  • [TTALE-184] - Allow compatibility for different types of archive files to be searched
  • [TTALE-189] - Create Profile interface to allow for the AS7 profile
  • [TTALE-190] - Configure module identifiers within the Archive interface to allow the AS 7 profile to work cleanly
  • [TTALE-191] - Create and implement a JBoss AS 7 profile within the profiles package
  • [TTALE-192] - Write and implement AS7 report.
  • [TTALE-193] - Allow the scanner to be used while analysing a single file


  • [TTALE-195] - Fix up links to relevant archive level reports when running against enterprise or web archives


  • [TTALE-11] - Add support for EAR archives
  • [TTALE-12] - Add support for WAR archives
  • [TTALE-171] - Refactor reporting Dump class
  • [TTALE-181] - Package depends on report
  • [TTALE-182] - Package dependants report
  • [TTALE-183] - Clean up API surrounding Report interfacing from AbstractReport in Main
  • [TTALE-188] - JBossAS7 scanning tool
  • [TTALE-194] - Modify return types for the module identifier getter on Profile implementations


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