Release Notes - Wise - Version 2.0.1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WISE-185] - Request message preview
  • [WISE-186] - Support request message preview in GUI
  • [WISE-190] - Target endpoint address override
  • [WISE-191] - Independent auth setup for wsdl retrieval and endpoint invocation
  • [WISE-195] - Provide a tree view for dealing in a detyped way with parameters and results
  • [WISE-198] - Show response soap message


  • [WISE-184] - Do not show input elements for WebParam.Mode.OUT webmethod params
  • [WISE-197] - ReflectionUtils::getAllFields should skip outer class reference for inner classes
  • [WISE-199] - WSDLResolver uses wrong logger implementation
  • [WISE-201] - Resolution of WiseCXFConsumerImpl is classpath ordering dependent


  • [WISE-27] - Create advanced samples
  • [WISE-189] - Slim down dependencies and move to JBossWS 4.1
  • [WISE-200] - Remove dependency on jboss-common

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