Release Notes - IronJacamar - Version 1.2.0.Beta4 - HTML format

Component Upgrade Subtask

Feature Request

  • [JBJCA-1182] - Add SemaphoreConcurrentLinkedQueueManagedConnectionPool implementation


  • [JBJCA-1181] - Recovery is not run for XA datasource which does not define password under <security>
  • [JBJCA-1195] - Incorrect currentSize passed to CapacityDecrementer.shouldDestroy() from SemaphoreConcurrentLinkedQueueManagedConnectionPool
  • [JBJCA-1197] - Prefill does not work for the last connection url when HA Datasource failover is enabled
  • [JBJCA-1198] - Use-strict-min shouldn't be considered for non-prefill pools
  • [JBJCA-1199] - Guard against ISE in TransactionSynchronizer
  • [JBJCA-1200] - CachedConnectionManager should only lock if needed


  • [JBJCA-496] - IronJacamar under a security manager
  • [JBJCA-1180] - Security SPI
  • [JBJCA-1188] - User-name and security-domain shouldn't use both when parsing xml file by converter tool
  • [JBJCA-1190] - Gracefully shutdown of ConnectionManager
  • [JBJCA-1191] - Track component updates
  • [JBJCA-1201] - Port JDBC resource adapter to JCA 1.6
  • [JBJCA-1203] - Additional JDBC extension checkers
  • [JBJCA-1204] - WrappedConnection.invalidate()


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